Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well, we keep coming closer to that inevitable date in which we, as Americans, have to choose who will lead this great country through the next four years.

This worries me a lot.

In my opinion, we are going to have to choose the lesser of two evils (in other words, McCain will be the best candidate that remains). Since McCain only needs a little over 200 more delegates to secure the GOP nomination, it does appear that he will be the one I will be supporting in the general election. I have nothing against the man himself. Anyone who can live through what he had to during Vietnam, while serving our country, with the honor and courage he did deserves our utmost respect. I have been paying a little more attention to his record in the Senate over the past few years, however, and it does appear that he has been leaning a little too much to the left than I would like. But, that seems to be what his strong point has been in getting the nomination. He is popular with the moderates and independents that tend to keep a foot on both sides.

Now for the other side. I have actually met Mrs. Clinton, and I will tell you that she seems to be nice on the surface. I do not agree one bit, however, with her politics. She wants to institure socialized medicine (even though that is not what she wants to call it). She wants to punish the rich people for making themselves rich. She wants to take their money and put it into programs that would try and enhance the lives of those people who, either by circumstance or by their own choosing, are not economically prosporous. This is called SOCIALISM!!! It has been tried before (The Soviet Union was that way for a long time and they finally had to give up). This country was founded and made great because of Capitalism. It is what drives our economy. The Housing Market, that she wants to pour BILLIONS of dollars into to try and save, got into the situation it is because banks went against the very things that made them successful, and people made some stupid decisions to try and save a few bucks in the short term. Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM's) are stupid and honestly, I feel, should be outlawed. There are very few foreclosures that occured because someone lost a job (although that is sad when it happens). Most of them have occured because the borrower was offered a lower rate on an ARM and now the ADJUSTABLE part is kicking in and their payments have gone up because the interest rate increased. I do not have any sympathy for stupidity.

Now for the other person, Mr. Obama. I heard a comment he made yesterday that really made my blood boil. He said (I am paraphrasing) that the rich CEO's should not be making the millions of dollars they do while other people are struggling. If you look back you will see how I feel about Socialism. The CEO's got rich because they worked hard (most of them anyway) and did all the right things to get them into the position they are in, and these two yahoo's are saying that they should be penalized for it. It truly makes no sense to me. Now, I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but, if I were I surely wouldn't want anyone to try and tell me that it is wrong to have money. Especially, someone who is well off themselves. If they are so concerned about the poor, let them give up their wealth to help those less fortunate. Instead, you have a former First Lady, who is worth millions of dollars and doesn't even have to pay for her huge house on Long Island because of the rent that her and her husband are charging the government so that the Secret Service can stay on the property for their protection. That's right, WE are paying for her house. Mr. Obama talks about change. But, I truly don't like the change that he is talking about. Besides, if you really listen to what he is saying about issues, he says NOTHING!! This would seem to me that he truly has no stand except that things have to change. I agree. But, change to what, exactly? Mr. Obama, instead of just saying things need to change, let the American people know how you would change things and see what the truly think. You are a great speaker, but, I have not heard you truly say anything for a while. You are the most eloquent person at saying nothing I have heard in a long time. Say SOMETHING for once. PLEASE!

I apologize for this post being so long with my rantings, but, this has been building for quite some time.