Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a few thoughts

First, let me apologize. I have not been posting as often as I would have liked. There has been a lot going on down here on the edge and at work.

Second, I want to talk a little politics, since I haven't taken the chance to too often lately. I listen to talk radio. That is to say, conservative talk radio. You know, the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, & Sean Hannity. Now, Rush has been encouraging something he calls "Operation Chaos". This is where he is actually encouraging conservatives to register as Democrats so they can vote in the primaries and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton. You read that right. He feels that this will help to maintain the split in the Democratic Party thus splitting the vote in the General Election in November.

Now, if you have been paying attention, even a little, you will notice that there is definitely a split in the Democratic Party. Just look at the delegates that each one has won. There is less than 200 between the two, and neither one is going to win the number of delegates that are required to secure the nomination. This will leave the Democratic nomination up to the Super Delegates. These are nominated officials who the party feels should, just due to the fact that they are nominated into office, have a say in who the party nominates. Here is the rub, Clinton is very popular amongst the elite of the political class. Shoot, there are those who have already stated that they will place their votes for her no matter who wins the popular vote.

Then you have Nancy Pelosi. That hypocrite of a person who pushed for Democratic wins in the last election stating that she, as the first woman Speaker of The House, would reach across the aisle of party lines and work with the Republicans to run a fair and equitable Congress. What she has done is exactly the opposite. She had the gawl to sit in the Oval Office, shaking hands with The President, and then turn around and criticize everything he has done. She has even stated that the war in Iraq is lost. This before the troop surge that they voted to support was in full swing and had any chance of working. Now we are looking back and seeing that the troop surge did in fact work and the tide is changing in Iraq and our troops are making progress. It may not be quite as fast as we would like in this microwave age where we have to have results right now. Anyway, I digress. Ms. Pelosi has actually made a statement the I can honestly say I agree with. She has stated that if the Super Delegates go against the popular vote it would be devastating to the Democratic Party.

Now, back to what Rush is encouraging. It seems to be working.