Wednesday, April 30, 2008


First, let me say that I really must apologize for not posting for a while. There has really been a lot going on down here. There was someone very close to my family that died. Then I got sick. Then I had an allergic reaction to some medication. It has just been one thing after another here.

The death hit us pretty hard. The kid was 16. Hope grew up with his parents and Paige with him. Even I have felt closer to the young man's father than I have to some people for a while. I know we really only talked about cars, but, I have talked to him quite a bit more the past couple of years as we have been getting our car situation straightened out. Plus, we are brothers in Christ. Our hearts have been with this family. It has been hard. I know we will miss the young man, but, I also know we will see him again some day.

And then I have been sick. Nothing too serious. Just a bug.

Now, back to business. Did anyone happen to see Barrack Obama's press conference yesterday? I mean, who in this great land actually believes that Barrack Obama finally, after 20 yrs, had an epiphany that his pastor was a hate filled, America hating man? I think Rush Limbaugh said it best; it would be like Hillary Clinton saying that she was divorcing Bill because she finally realized that he had been cheating on her all these years. To think that you could sit in a church week after week and not believe in what was being preached. I mean, we are thinking about changing churches because my 9 y/o's Sunday School teacher gave her the impression that she had the wrong Bible. I don't buy it. I truly feel that he didn't say anything at first, eve went as far as saying that everyone should stick to the issues, because he felt that it would go away. And now that this hasn't gone away, and we really don't know who this man is, we are getting a look into his acquaintances. The people that have formed him into the man he is today. This IS one of the major issues on this campaign. We know McCain. He has been in the Senate for years. Plus, he has run for President before. Clinton, we know. We had 8yrs of her as First Lady (which, by the way, in no way qualifies her to run this country) and now for the past 8 yrs as a Senator. What Obama fails to understand, is that who he is is extremely important.

Anyway, these are just a few of my thoughts after his remarks yesterday.


Miss Hope said...

I believe before the elections are over, the doc will have to up Fred's blood pressure medication.