Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Break from Politics

Folks, I have to take a break for a minute and say something.

You see, a lot has been going on down here. There have been many sleepless nights as we are having to make some pretty major changes in our lives. Well, in the midst of all that is going on, I made a decision to save some money in the long run and make one pay out so I would not have to pay the monthly fee anymore.

The problem is this, I have spent the majority of my adult life not discussing Navy stuff at home that it is ingrained that I really don't discuss things at home. This is changing, slowly. TOO SLOWLY. I know that I have a wonderful wife at home with whom I can discuss things. But, sometimes, I act before I discuss, and then, worse, I forget to discuss. This is a bad habit that I am trying to break. I think I am making progress and then I do something stupid and undo all the progress that I made. Although the time is getting longer and longer between incidents, it just isn't fair to my lovely wife that it still happens at all.

Now, I know that she is tired of hearing me apologize for these things, so, I will just ask her to still remain patient with me. I love you and would never do anything to put you or our kids in danger or in a position where I would not be able to provide your needs.


Miss Hope said...

Danger? There was danger? Ohhhhhhhh for you is what you meant!! I see.

Nope. Still not over it.

Miss Hope said...

Navy Stuff????? Are you for real?

Miss Hope said...

For those of you watching this tennis match?

He started it.

Mellie said...

you know, I just found your blog through my wonderful friend, so I started reading from the most recent entry to this one. I must say dear catnavy, you sho do apologize alot. And if you think miss hope was deserving of this apology, it's best that you did it quick like. I'm supposing you've made it up to her by now (or maybe that's a prayer to God's ears).