Thursday, June 12, 2008


It is no secret that Barrak Obama is running for the presidency of the United States of America with the slogan "Change we can believe in". Well, how about this food for thought. We have been in an economic upcycle. I know, gas prices and food expenses are going up. But, unemployment has been down, the DOW hasn't crashed the way everyone expected, and all of the economic indicators say that our economy is actually growing. True, it has slowed down over the past year, but, it is still growing. The housing market has gone the way it has because too many people just bought way more house than they could actually afford at low interest rates with Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM's). They didn't look down the road at the adjustable part of the mortgage. Then, when the rates went up, and their payments went up along with it, they could no longer afford the house they were in. Hard lesson learned. But, the economy is still growing!!

Now, we look back at the 1990's when Clinton was president. The economy was on a downturn for almost all of the 1990's. True, it started to turn the last year of the Clinton presidency. His domestic economic policies just did not work. Now, I read today that Obama "has picked a well-known representative of Bill Clinton's economic policies as his economic policy director and
signaled this week that the major players from the Clinton economics team were now in his camp". Now, for someone who is running under the promise of CHANGE, this just doesn't wash with me. If he were really trying to go for change, why would he hire the very people that have taken money out of our pockets in the past? This is NOT CHANGE Sen. Obama!!!!

As far as the gas prices go, while I do believe that we still need to work towards alternative means of providing energy, the simple fact is this, we need to stop relying on oil from other countries. They control this whole mess. I feel as though we need to have a two pronged attack to this problem. First, we need to be able to supply our own oil needs. In order to do this, we need to start drilling and exploring for more oil right here in the United States. Did you know that China has reached an agreement with Cuba to drill for oil off of their coast. That is only about 60 miles off the coast of Florida. The very same place that we can't drill because of Environmental reasons. This makes no sense!!! Are we going to just sit back and watch someone else take our oil right out from under our noses??? Everyone talks about oil spills and the damage it would cause to the environment. Well, there are thousands of rigs in the Gulf of Mexico right now, and when Katrina came through there a couple of years ago, not one spill of any significance was reported. The fact of the matter is, we have not had a major spill that would impact the environment significantly in 30yrs. At least not from drilling. Second, we do need to look for alternative solutions. Hybrid cars are a good example. We still need to actively pursue these technologies for moving out country forward. Ethanol is not a good alternative. The subsidies for the farmers is what is driving up the costs of the food. These are the same subsidies that were voted in on a tie breaker (51-50) by Al Gore, then vice president. Yes, you read that right. The very man who has single handedly put the scare of Global Warming in everyone's minds, and who is raking in millions of dollars on the production of Ethanol and other means of "reducing your carbon footprint" is the same man who cast the deciding vote to push all this forward.

And speaking of Global Warming. Have you noticed how the talk has died down a little just recently? We can thank all the tornadoes that have been touching down in the United States over the past few weeks for that. Tornadoes, are cause by COLD AIR!! Let's not even start on the fact that Aspen was open for skiing this past weekend. Yes, IN JUNE!!! Or the blizzard that they were showing live on CNN Headline News a couple of days ago.

I just feel that this country needs to wake up and get away from these extreme liberal ideals that are driving this country into the ground, and start to stand on more conservative ideals. It has worked in the past, and it will still work to this day.


Krys72599 said...

Thanks for putting into words exactly what I feel and believe. Glad to hear there's someone else out there with the same ideas/ideals as me! I will be reading your post to my husband tonight, who feels as we do. He's already all irate about the drilling in the Gulf; if they can be there, why can't we? Where are all our environmentalists? Why aren't they objecting to other countries' drilling so close to our shores?

Miss Hope said...

You go, Honey!