Friday, June 20, 2008

First Lady Candidates

I don't normally believe in critisizing the wives (or husbands as the case may be) of candidates. There is usually enough to critisize about the candidates themselves. However, the way the media has exaulted Michelle Obama has my insides just turning inside out. Almost as much as the thought of her husband being in the White House.

Now I read a story about how the Barack campaign is hiring a team of advisors for her. Is she running for office and nobody told me? Well, since the campaign and the media seem to want to put her in the running for a public office, then she deserves the scrutiny that goes along with it.

She appeared on the View the other day, as a guest host. And Whoopi Goldberg made a point about a comment she made back in January that has recieved much critisism from the conservative media. The comment that everyone is saying Michelle made was that for the first time in her adult life she is proud of this country. Whoopi went on to make a point that she used the phrase "really proud". As if this makes any difference what so ever. Michelle Obama's adult life has spanned roughly about the same as mine. I have been proud of this country for quite a while. I have been really proud on several occasions. Like, when the Berlin Wall came down. Or when the Cold War officially came to an end. Or, how the whole country came together to show their support for one of our cities when the terrorists attacked us ON OUR OWN SOIL!!!! The amount of patriotism and pride our citizens showed during that time was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Now, here is the kicker.........She actually gave the same speech twice that day. One time she said that she is really proud and one time she just said that she is proud. So, Whoopi, next time you go and critisize people for leaving out a single word, that you say is vital to the meaning of what Michelle said, get your facts correct. Secondly, I don't care how she said it, I know that if Barack is going to surround himself with people who are not proud of this country and everything that I have spent the better part of MY adult life defending, I don't want him leading our troops.

Now, so I don't leave anyone out, I happen to agree with Mrs. McCain to a point. She says that the families should be left out of the campaign. However, if someone is going to go out and set themselves up for the critisizm that Mrs. Obama has, then let them have it. You really don't hear much about Mrs. McCain. That's the way it should be.