Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Climate Change

"It is critical our community be an integral and active part of the debate because African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change economically, socially and through our health and well being."
Rep. James Clyburn, D-SC
Majority Whip in the House of Rep.

This statement is trying to make climate change into some sort of racial issue. The environmentalists are trying to shove the whole climate change thing down our throats, almost as much as the media is trying to shove Obama down our throats. First, the world was going to be a ball of fire within 10 yrs (or something like that). Second, it is a national security issue. Now, it's racial.

Mr. Clyburn did not come up with this all on his own. An organization called the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC) put out a study that said this.

The report says, "Though far less responsible for climate change, African-Americans are significantly more vulnerable to its effects than non-Hispanic whites. Health, housing, economic well-being, culture and social stability are harmed from such manifestations of climate change as storms, floods, and climate variability."

Last time I checked, the climate on this earth has been going through changes for a lot longer than man has had the ability to affect it. There is only one being who can control storms and floods and the like. That is The Almighty God. To think that we are in any way in control over any of this is ludicrous. God is trying to get our attention and most everyone is just ignoring the message.

Let me give you a little bit of history. Ethanol, a supposed alternative to gas, only became so because of a government mandate that passed by one vote, 51 - 50. Yes, that number means that the deciding vote was cast by the then Vice President Al Gore, who by the way, uses more resources than do most Americans by about 10 times, and is a pretty major stockholder in the Ethanol industry. Don't tell me that that isn't a conflict of interest.

Thirty years ago, right after the last gas crises, we were headed for the next ice age. Now we are too hot. The environmentalists just want something to complain about. And, guess who plays right along with them. That's right, the Democrats. If you pay just a little bit of attention you will see that according to the Democrats, there is always some sort of crisis that is the Republicans fault and they have all the answers to.

Today, they are attacking on several fronts. The war in Iraq. This whole climate change thing (another word for global warming). And don't forget the oil industry. And guess who is preventing there from even being a vote on the House floor on whether or not to drill here. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA.

The report goes on to say that the flooding in New Orleans highlights the vulnerability of the African-American community. The reason that so many people were affected by Katrina is because the city is built below sea level. Whenever a storm comes through, there is going to be issues with flooding. Next, there is the fact that even though people were told to evacuate, some didn't. I know some couldn't, but, the majority of the people that got caught refused to leave. What about the floods just within the past couple of months in the mid-west. Why isn't that used?

This report also goes on to suggest that solutions to climate change should be designed in a way so investors don't reap all of the benefits. It also says that there should be a "fee, tax or allowance auction on polluters." Also, "although it would cause product costs to increase, the revenue from the "fee, tax or allowance auction payment" would be redistributed to consumers to offset the higher costs. Now, what kind of sense does this make? You are going to tax companies, causing them to raise their prices to cover their costs, and then give the very money that caused the increase in costs to the consumers to offset this increase? Why even bother?

This is the problem with most of the people who are trying to tell us how to live our lives right now. They don't make any sense. If you truly listen to the speeches and do just a little bit of homework, then you will understand what I am saying. There is no substance. No proof. Especially from the Democrats.