Thursday, July 24, 2008

More about Oil

Before I actually get into this I have to thank Miss Krys for sending an e-mail my wife's way that I will be posting about in the near future. And, to answer your question Miss Krys, everything I have read tells me that it is true. For everyone else, it is about the difference in views on taxes between McCain and Obama.

Now, about oil. This is actually going to be a little bit of a break from talking about the presidential candidates. Instead, I am going to look at another senator, who just happens to be a democrat.

This is concerning the oil shale that is so plentiful in the western states. Sen. Ken Salazar from Colorado is opposed to going after the shale that is so plentiful in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. The majority of this is in Colorado. Now, I can understand if we were talking about strip mining the stuff. Colorado is a very beautiful state. I think my opinion might be a little different if they were talking about tearing the landscape apart.

He has even gone on to say that the technology to develop the shale does not exist. WAIT A MINUTE!!! If that were true, then why did I see a story on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, of all places, where Shell Oil has the technology to get this shale and make it useful and all they have to do is drill a small hole in the ground? Now, if one of the major networks put this on the evening news for everyone to see, how is it that this senator does not know that the technology DOES exist?

Now, today, I am hearing Nancy Pelosi crying out for the President to release the oil that we have in the national reserve for public use. Why in the world would we do that? That oil is for emergency use. True, the President will release some at times to help out, like he did when hurricane Katrina damaged some of the refineries on the Gulf Coast, but, what emergency are we facing now? Besides that, the majority of the Democrats, including Pelosi, have been crying that we cannot drill our way out of this crisis.

Let's look at that more closely. If drilling, which will raise the supply available, will not help this problem, then what good will releasing the oil we have in reserve do (which will also raise the supply)?

It appears to me that the Democrats have one agenda. That is to oppose anything idea a Republican has to better our situation here in America. I mean, they don't even get all of the facts before they go off spouting things that any person who just pays attention to what's actually going on would know not to be true. No wonder the US Congress has the lowest approval ratings they ever have. The leadership in Congress has done everything within their power to stall any legislation that makes sense. They are threatening the very existence of this great nation and the way of life that we have proudly come to know. They declared the war in Iraq lost, even before the troops that were being sent over during the surge left American soil. And now that the surge has worked, despite their best efforts, they fail to acknowledge the accomplishments of our soldiers and sailors in helping Iraq get to a point where we can finally talk about pulling some of our troops out.

As Americans, all of this should infuriate us. Let's send a message to those idiots that are trying to tell us how we need to live. We should not reelect any of this people. They can't even get their facts straight. I don't know about all of you, but, I am sick and tired of the Democrats trying to tell us how bad off we all are and how the rich people are to blame for all of our problems and the government is the answer for everything. That is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind. They wanted minimal interference from the government while the people are allowed to prosper for their work. If the Democrats had their way, that would all go away. There would be two classes of people, the rich people that run the country and tell everyone how they are allowed to live, and those of us who work hard for a living. Who will not be able to afford to sustain any sort of standard of living if they have their way.