Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something Disturbing

Today, while I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, I heard them quote something out of the New Republic. I was curious, as I had not heard of it before, so I have gone there to check it out. Now, I am not even going to discuss what it was they were talking about today. It has to do with oil and I have made it known fully how I feel on that subject. No, while I was looking through this site, trying to figure out the politics of this particular news (it really is quite liberal, to be honest), I read something that truly made me shiver:

The very first sentence in this article I read goes like this; "Last week, for the first time in our history, we had an African American president."

Really???!!!! WHERE??!!!! How did the election happen without me knowing it? Honestly, this is the biggest thing to happen this year, and I missed it.

Now that the sarcasm is over.

The audacity of these people still truly amazes me. This man has not even officially been nominated and they are calling him the president. This is the problem. He thinks it is his entitlement. Not something he has to earn. The man does not even like the United States of America. He is continually telling everyone how awful we are and then turning around and trying to cover his tracks by saying how much he loves being American. We know he doesn't like America. The preacher that he sat and listened to for the past 20yrs preaches against the United States. He refused to wear a flag pin on his lapel for quite a while at the beginning of the campaign. His wife has even admitted to not being proud of the USA until just recently (like when her husband even had a chance at being the nominee and Whoopi, she only said really in one of the three speeches she gave that day). He even has had associations with a known terrorist, who admits what he did and wished that he could have done more. Not to mention him being caught making snide comments about people who happen to believe in the second amendment and their right to bear arms. Shoot, he even has Jesse Jackson wanting to cut off a part of his personal anatomy.

This same story even goes on to say that Obama has yet to take advantage of what has historically been a great opportunity. The economy. They go on to say, "These are the type of painful times when voters invariably turn to Democrats. So why aren't they turning to Obama in greater numbers?" I will tell you why. The voters of this country are not stupid. They know who is standing in the way of lowering gas prices and helping the economy. They know who it is that wants to raise our taxes. Yes, it is the Democrats. Not that all of their ideas are bad. But, to take more money out of my pocket so that someone who will not work for a living can afford to have cable, or to put $150 shoes on their feet is just WRONG!!!!

According to what is getting shoved down our throats, Obama is the answer to everything! This man is the answer to NOTHING as far as I am concerned. He wants to raise our taxes. He wants to block the exploration for more oil even when there are other countries drilling right off our coast. He truly has no concept of the use of the military. He even has said that even knowing what he know now (that would be that we are winning this war and the surge has worked) he would not change his view on the surge. He, like the rest of the Democrats, said that we lost the war before the military was even fully in place. We can not afford to elect this person. He will drive us toward ruin. The man even thinks that he is already president. Like it is already a done deal. These are the types of people we need to watch out for.


Krys72599 said...

"Last week, for the first time in our history, we had an African American president."

Heaven help me - my skin is *still* crawling, minutes after I finished reading your post today! I know *I* didn't vote yet, and I know *you* didn't vote yet; how could we have missed the election?!?

This sense of entitlement you mention is a problem across America, across all demographics, and I.AM.THOROUGHLY.SICK.OF.IT.

Here's a thumbnail sketch of me: I went to Catholic grammar school and Catholic high school. My dad worked the night shift for years because with three girls in Catholic school, that 10% pay differential made a big difference. Because my parents taught me that my "job" was to get good grades, I was able to skip senior year in high school to enter college at the University of Delaware in their Freshman Honors Program. My parents didn't have the money to send me to college so I took out student loans. And paid them back. I paid them back for 10 years.

I got a job. Then I got another job. And another.

I bought a car. And I paid it off. For five years. And we are blessed enough to have two homes and no mortgages because we worked to save money and pay for them.

No one handed us anything.

We earned everything we have.

I feel no sense of entitlement. I'm not supposed to collect a paycheck just "because." I collect a paycheck because I do a darn good job and I earn it.

"Entitlement" is a bad word in my mind. Ranks right up there with "affirmative" and "action."

Thanks for letting me rant a bit here!