Monday, August 11, 2008


I have to go away from the usual political commentary to make some observations from the Olympics in Beijing.

Last night we were watching the Olympic telecast on TV. I have to admit, I am excited about Michael Phelps trying to win 8 gold medals. My wife doesn't totally understand this, but, I look at it this way. Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals in 1972. No one has really come close to it since. Now, this year, a young 23 year old has the opportunity to win 8. It is history in the making, if he can do it. I believe he can. He has already won 2. One in the 400m individual medley and one in the 4x100m freestyle relay. The two that everyone has said would be the toughest for him to win.

Now, let's talk about this relay for a minute. If you watched it, then you will know what I am talking about. First of all, let me say that there were five teams faster than the OLD World Record (which by the way, was set the day before by the USA in the preliminaries at 3:12.23) so, it was a very fast race. But, that wasn't even the exciting part. The French team, when interviewed before the race said that they would smash the Americans. No joke. Well, going into the last leg, it sure looked like they would. They had almost an entire body lead over the USA coming out of the last turn. Then, Jason Lezak, the anchor for the USA turned on the afterburners. The French team was in front all the way until, literally, the very end when Lezak just out reached Alain Bernard, who, by the way, held the World Record for the fastest split for one leg of this race at 47.50 seconds, and finished in first place, by just .08seconds. Lezak's time for his split was 46.06 seconds!!!! It was an incredible race to say the least. The winning time for the USA was 3:08.24. They smashed the record they set the day before. Records show that it took 20 years for the record to drop from around 3:16 to the 3:12 range. The USA shaved 4 seconds off the record in one day.

And, as a side note, guess who was on hand to see it. That's right, President Bush himself, as well as former President Bush. As a matter of fact, President Bush has been seen at several of the events. He is the first President to attend the opening ceremonies on foreign soil. He even got in the sand and hit the ball around with the female beach volleyball team. There are people in this country that just don't get how good we have it with Bush as President. I don't get it.


Krys72599 said...

I was reading another blog I (used to) check on a regular basis, and was horrified to hear the person *complain* that she was "sick of seeing George Bush at the Olympics."


He is President of these great United States and if he wants to be there, supporting our young athletes (AND those from the rest of the world, by the way), he should be there.

And like it or not, he's the President of the United States and draws a bit of attention wherever he goes - but in the few interviews I've seen, he's looked relaxed and really ready to talk about *the Olympics.* He wasn't there to push some political agenda, he's not running again (darn it!). The only political discussions I saw him get into were in direct response to questions directed to him - even Bob Costas started trying to talk politics! (Career suggestion - Stick with sports, Bob!)

Leave the man alone and let him enjoy his trip to China! Let him support the greatest athletes in the world!