Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

I know that I have pretty much made it known that I do not care for Barrack Obama as a candidate for the Presidency. It makes my skin crawl just thinking that he might actually be elected. This has nothing to do anything except for what I have heard from the candidate himself.

Now, he says that the republicans are playing the race card. I have heard no such thing. The only reason race has been brought into play is because he has said it. He says the republicans will try and make people afraid of him. Well, everyone should be afraid of what he believes and what it will mean for this country. He is the one who keeps saying that he is black. He is the one who said that he does not look like all those other Presidents (again, like he has already won the election). McCain has said nothing about Obama's racial background. Only about his politics.

Let's look at what was a brilliant play by McCain's camp. The handing out of the tire pressure gauges. Obama's campaign will have you believe that they are taking something that is true and mocking it. Let's look at what the facts are. While it is true that properly inflating your tires will save gas for you. The fact remains that Obama said that by ensuring we properly inflate our tires and get regular tune-ups we will save the same amount of oil that we would be able to produce by drilling for oil. What a crock!! I have to laugh every time I hear this. McCain supports both conservation and drilling. Obama says that raising the supply will do nothing to lower the price of gas and then turns around and says that we need to tap into the strategic reserve to raise the supply. Guess what, you can't have it both ways. Do we need more supply or not? I say we do. It's basic economics. He says that the lowering of prices has had nothing to do with supply but the fact that Americans are conserving more. Well, if we conserve more, and demand goes down, the supply is larger than the demand and prices go down. Like President Bush has said, Americans know what they need to do. But, if we are able to supply our own demand without any dependence on other countries, then we can control the price that we pay. We need to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. That is a fact. Alternative energy (notice I did not say renewable like the democrats) can not replace oil. It can reduce how much we use, but it will never replace it.

We have enough oil within our borders to significantly lower the price that we have to pay at the pump. OPEC knows it. That is why the price dropped as soon as the President lifted the executive order restricting off shore drilling. We are finally showing that we are doing something to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Shoot, we wouldn't even have to drill to cause the price to go down. OPEC would be stumbling over themselves to raise production to lower the price and try and make it more economical to buy from them. That way, they would get to keep getting our money.

Let us also give kudos to the 30 or so republican representatives that have stayed behind to demand that Nancy Pelosi call the House back into session to vote on drilling here. This while she refused to call the vote on drilling and instead, called a vote to take their summer break. They will not be back in session until after Labor Day. The representatives that stayed behind deserve our appreciation because they are willing to listen to the people and try and do something about it.


I am Boymom said...

I am an avid reader of Hope from the Edge, glad she turned me on to your blog. I'm the crazy conservative lady in my neighborhood and in my internet circle. It's a pleasure to read your insights and thoughts. Putting you on my daily reads!! And thanks for serving our country, my 9 year old has wanted to be a military general since he was 2. He hasn't changed his mind yet. I will catch up with some of your archived posts as soon as I can!