Monday, August 18, 2008

Way to go Kobe

Now, I will be the first one to admit that Kobe Bryant is not one of my favorite people. I think that he got too popular too fast and that people expect too much out of him. I even think that people around him have filled his head with the idea that he is the best and that no one can touch him. I believe that this is what drove the infidelity that occurred so publicly a couple of years ago.

Let us look at the interview he had with Cris Collinsworth during the Olympics. Mr. Collinsworth asked him where his patriotism comes from.

Kobe answered, "Well, you know, its just our country is, we believe, the greatest country in the world. Its given us so many great opportunities, and it's just a sense of pride you have, that you say, "You know what? Our country is the best.""

Mr. Collinsworth retorts with, "Is that a cool thing to say in this day and age, that you love your country and your fighting for the red, white, and blue? It seems like sort of a day gone by."

WHAT??!!!!! Are you kidding me? This is exactly what Obama told that little 7 year old that asked him why he wanted to be president. Why would you even make a comment like that to an athlete that is in a communist country representing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Thank goodness for Kobe. He answered, "Nah, it's a cool thing for me to say. You know, I feel great about it and I'm not ashamed to say it. This is a tremendous honor."

Good for him. Some people don't get it. Liberals don't get it. Democrats don't get it. People are proud of this country. The majority of the people in this country KNOW that we have the greatest place in the world in which to live. They KNOW that although we do make mistakes, we DO NOT go around telling the rest of the world that we are ashamed of this country.

Does Cris Collinsworth even know why we have professional basketball players on our international teams? We never used to. It used to be college players that got to play in these games. We always won. Then the rest of the world got better. Top players from other countries started coming over here to play professionally. So, then our college players were playing against professionals. Then the unthinkable happened. We started losing. Other countries were starting to brag about how they were beating the Americans. So, we decided to go ahead and send our best players. We put together the Dream Team. Remember Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and the rest of the gang? The rest of the world didn't even have a chance. In the last couple of years, the teams that were put together were there for all the wrong reasons. The players were so used to being the #1 player on their NBA teams that they couldn't play together. Now, we have a team that is playing as a team, they call them the Redeem Team, and they are kicking some serious butt. They have made it all the way through the pool play undefeated with an average winning margin of over 31 points.

So, yes, when I have watched these guys play, they are there together, to restore the United States on top of the basketball world where we belong. They show that they are proud to be there representing this country. They are watching other sports and cheering our athletes on.

The fact that he even had the audacity to ask this question should be insulting to the very being of every red blooded AMERICAN!!