Saturday, September 27, 2008

Economics and the Debate

If you have been paying attention to the media and trying to follow everything that is going on, then you have probably heard that McCain is trying to bring Presidential Politics into someplace that it just doesn't belong. That he is the reason the whole deal fell through. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Let's look at what actually happened.

First, McCain announces that he is suspending his campaign. The next day, the Democrats in Washington announce that there is a deal. This was before McCain even showed up. Then, the House Republicans (the same people that refused to leave when Pelosi called for their month break because she refused to even consider a vote on an energy bill) announce that they have a better idea than to spend $700 billion out of the treasury. Then the President has a meeting with all the congressional leaders, including McCain and Obama. The meeting ends in catastrophe and they are at square one again.

Now the media would have you believe that McCain is the reason for the meeting to blow up. But, what actually happened is this: the President gave the Democrats the floor. They all deferred to Obama so that he could come in and appear the savior. He basically went through all the talking points that he was given before getting there, and then proceeded to bash the House republicans. McCain never said a word until the very end and even Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate, said that he didn't even understand what McCain had said. Obama is the one who caused the meeting to go haywire.

See, first, the Democrats tried to make it appear like McCain wasn't even needed, by announcing the deal when they didn't actually have one. Then, they tried to spin everything to appear that McCain was just mucking everything up. When, the exact opposite is true.

The House Republicans actually have the right idea now, I think. I will be the first one to admit that I am not an economist. But, they are proposing to keep the taxpayers' money out of this deal. But, as they say, the Democrats can pass whatever they want. They have the majority in both houses and have the support of the President. So, why are they worried about the House Republicans?

Now, to the Debate. First, let me point out the familiarity that Obama tried to portray. He only called Senator McCain Senator McCain a couple of times. Most of the time he called him John. Now, McCain called Obama Senator Obama EVERY time. And besides, Obama surely stutters quite a bit.

Some people think that Obama has a better handle on the economy. I don't think so. He is still hammering away that he is going to cut taxes for 95% of the citizens. The majority of these peoples don't even pay taxes. How can you cut taxes on people who don't pay them to begin with? He still doesn't get this. Besides, he wants to raise taxes on big corporations and says that he is helping out the middle class. NO HE'S NOT!! The corporations just figure all of their costs when they make their prices. The new taxes will raise the costs for the corporations, therefore, their prices go up. Then, everyone, including the middle class, will be paying more for the things they need to buy. How is this helping. Besides, the taxes is one of the major reasons that companies are outsourcing their jobs. IT COSTS LESS!!! When asked if there were any of his plans that he would have to cut because the government is planning on spending $700 billion Obama just kept adding programs that he wanted to spend money on. How is this helping us? IT IS NOT!

Then, they went to Foreign Affairs. This was supposed to be what the entire debate was about. Someone still needs to tell Obama that there aren't two wars right now (Afghanistan and Iraq). They are two separate fronts of the SAME war. He talks like they are two separate things. He also wants to invade Pakistan. He just doesn't understand anything when it comes to how to deal with any of these countries.

If you want to lose the war on terror, pay higher prices and continue to depend on foreign oil, then, Obama is the one you should vote for. That's what I got out of the debate last night.


Krys72599 said...

Mr. Man on the Edge:
In paragraph 3, did you mean that Harry Reid didn't understand Obama?
You wrote McCain, but I'm not sure that's what you meant. If it is, can you explain?
And all I got out of the debate is that I'm supporting McCain, not Obama - oh, wait! I knew that already!
Guess that means I got nothing out of the debate that I didn't know before!!! Other than a greater sense of confidence in McCain...

The Man on the Edge said...

Ms. Krys, I wrote it right. The point I was trying to make was that Obama is the one who did all the talking that caused that meeting to fall apart. McCain is the one who said almost nothing. Harry Reid didn't understand the comment that McCain made toward the end of the meeting.