Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yesterday, Obama made a comment that, in and of itself, was harmless. While he was talking about McCain's economic plan, he was trying to make the point that it was the same as Bush's. He said that you can put lipstick on a pig, but, it's still a pig. McCain's campaign people made a big deal out of this. It was all over the news starting yesterday and most of the day today. Now, there is information out there that points to the fact that he may have been attacking Gov. Palin, although in a round about way, I do not believe that there should have been such a big stink made over this.

On the other hand, there was something I read today over at that truly got my blood boiling. The head of the Democratic party in South Carolina said that John McCain picked a running mate whose only qualification to be Vice President appears to be the fact that she didn't have an abortion. Sarah Palin is running a state that, land wise, is the largest state in the union. It isn't as populated as other states, but, the mere size alone makes it a pretty daunting task. It is almost half the size of the entire 48 states that make up the Continental United States. Add to this, that she actually has more power within her state than do most Governors, and I don't think there would be too many people who would out qualify her. I mean, she has more power as governor than Arnold Schwarzenegger does as Governor of California.

While I don't believe that there should be too much made of silly things like a common saying, truly attacking a woman the way Sarah Palin has been attacked is absolutely outrageous. The Democrats have made a living out of being the champions for women rights and they are attacking the only woman in the race with words that would never be used toward any man. I know that men can not get pregnant, but this is only the latest in blatant, outright sexist attacks. They have said that she should be home taking care of her kids. Funny, that has never been said about any man. As a matter of fact, Biden made a huge deal out of the fact that he had to be a single dad for a while. Taking the train home so that he could take care of his kids. So, why is Palin being attacked for the same thing, but with a husband to help her take care of the kids?

People just need to wake up and see the Democrats for what they really are. Don't get me wrong, the Republicans have their share of problems as well, but, I am a conservative, so I tend to agree with them a little more than I do the Democrats. But, the Democrats have made a living out of telling people what they want to hear. They are the Champions of the working class. But, their economic plans will make it harder for people to get ahead. This country was made great by the idea of competition and the ability of anyone to make something of themselves. The Democrats want to tax people who have the audacity to make some money and turn the money over to people who don't want to do what it takes to make it. They want to raise the taxes on companies who will turn around and raise their prices because their expenses have gone up (this is also the major reason companies outsource their jobs overseas).

While you may not agree with the Republicans, you have to admit that taking money out of our pockets never makes sense. Obama has disguised this by saying that he will lower taxes for the lowest 50% of earners in this country. Last time I checked, these people don't actually pay any taxes. They get a refund every year that is more than they put in during the year. How can you cut taxes on that? It makes no sense. No sense at all.


C said...

You know, I completely agree. I think the "pig" comment was relatively harmless. My beef is with the Media, who have ignored every legitimate issue in the past couple of weeks in order to focus on how "scary" Gov. Palin is.