Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Party Politic Games

Alright. I am getting sick and tired of all the politics that is being played in Washington. I know, I know. That's what they do best, but, I don't understand sometimes why they just can't set aside their petty things until this all gets ironed out. WAIT!! I do know. The Democrats need every little game they can play so that the average American can think that there is a major crisis so that it will be easy to make the decision to vote for Obama so that they can regain control of the White House as well as maintain control over the Congress. Oh yes, last thing that needs to happen is that the Republicans need to be the blame for the crisis.

So, this is what happened. The House of Representatives voted against the Economy Recovery Bill that was before them this week. This is the same bill that they blamed the House Republicans for foiling in the meeting last week with the President, both presidential candidates and leaders of both the House and the Senate. But, as these same Republicans said, the Democrats have control and can pretty much pass anything they want, so why are they the bad guys? Nancy Pelosi took this bill to the House for a vote yesterday. The members barely had enough time to read it, let alone figure out what it really said. The Senate was to have the bill for vote tomorrow. Now, if this was such a good deal, why did so many people vote against it? Why did 95 Democrats vote against it? I'll tell you why. Nancy Pelosi wanted to be able to blame everything on the Republicans. Either way it went, she could do that. The media is helping in all of this. They won't tell you that nearly 40% of the Democrats in the House voted against it and 1/3 of the House Republicans voted for it. They only want you to believe it the Republicans who either want the largest Socialist move in this country to take place or don't want to do what it takes to help out the country. She knew she didn't have the votes to make it pass. That's why the big play for the House Republicans. The Democrats couldn't even convince their own party that this bill was the best thing for this country.

The Democrats have a history of trying to create crisis to get your votes. Thirty years ago, we were headed for another Ice Age. Recently, it's been Golbal Warming (Climate Change), the LOST war in Iraq, and now, finally, the economy. There is nothing we can do about the changes in climate. We are winning the War on Terror, icluding the front of Iraq. And, finally, the market will correct itself. It always does. It may be a little painful, and, we may need to pay closer attention to what is going on, but, it will happen.

Will they ever learn?