Thursday, September 4, 2008

Proud to be an American

Now, be honest. Whose chest swelled with pride after Sarah Palin's speech last night? I truly believe that she put the Obama/Biden ticket on notice. Notice that they had better not underestimate her. I know that she didn't write the speech, but, she delivered it flawlessly.

I like the fact that she didn't even waste her time with Biden. She went straight for Obama. And the points she made were right on target. She seemed to be relaxed, not nervous at all. She is smart. She is beautiful. And she knows what needs to be done and has the gumption to do it.

She hasn't let all the media crap over this past week get to her. The media in particular has tried every angle to get to her. They have attacked her as a mother and as a politician. The left thinking people, who by the way are the ones who say they advocate women's rights, are the very ones who are saying that she should be home with her kids, not running for the White House. They also don't realize that by attacking her this way, they have exposed themselves to only truly wanting to defend abortion. They don't believe in women's rights, they just think that abortion should stay legal. They have gone back on the things that they tell us they believe. She had a good zinger for them too. She said that she is not going to the White House to win their approval, she is going to serve the citizens of this great country (I paraphrased that a little).

The democrats have tried to attack her experience. Let me say this again, loudly.......SHE IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, OBAMA IS. She even had some things to point out about that. She was the mayor of her home town. That means that she had to run that town, keep it in budget and ensure that all of the services were provided to their citizens. And, since it isn't that big of a town, she had to look at every single one of them citizens in the eye. She then went on to be on a board of some kind (I forgot which one it was), but, she saw some corruption going on, brought it up all the way to the Governor and got no resolution. So, what did she do? She quit the board and ran for Governor against the incumbent of the same party and defeated him in the primaries. Then got elected. She then has routed out corruption and pared back the expenses, starting with her perks first. She got rid of the luxury jet (sold it on e-bay) and the private chef.

She has a 80% approval rating in the state of Alaska. That's unheard of in politics.

I will say it again. I think that she was a brilliant pick for Vice President. The polls will show you that. After the Democratic convention, Obama was leading 48% -40%. The last poll I saw was 42% - 42%, and that was before Sarah Palin spoke last night. I can hardly wait to see what they look like after this convention is done.

Obama and Biden don't know what to do. They think that they should have this huge lead and they don't. I truly believe that the American people are getting tired of the media shoving them down our throats. They are also already tired of the attacks on Palin. This woman has taken it in stride and come back out fighting. Like she said, "the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, is lipstick."

I would be remiss if I didn't point out the cutest moment last night. They showed the family. The youngest daughter, Piper, was holding her little brother, and just like a little momma, she licked her hand and ran it across his hair to mat it down.

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Bug said...

Your comments are well made and show you to be savy enough to think for yourself but don't you think that we'd all be better off if all the party politics were set aside and the candidates spent time working on what's right for the country--not the party? I've had it up to the chin with all the negative ads (both parties) and I'm convinced that this election, while certainly historical, is again going to be a selection of the better candidate, not the best--as the best isn't even on the ticket for either party. I'm really tired of the double talking, spin doctoring plays these candidates are making to gain power.

Krys72599 said...

At first, I admit I wondered if the speech should have been a bit more political, with a bit more substance, but as she spoke, I got totally caught up in the reality of Sarah Palin. She seems to me to be a genuinely good person, with the right intentions, respected and respectful, honorable and honest, with what's best for this country and all of us at heart. I think the media did her a great injustice by focusing on her personal life - who among us has not had some little bumps, or big bumps, along the way? I know I have, and quite frankly, I live a rather boring and sedate life. But it's a life similar to Palin's: where family comes first, where honor is not a dirty word, where thinking about others and not yourself is the way to live your life...
I look forward to voting this year, and I can honestly say that although I'm not unequivocally a McCain supporter (I have trouble with his stand on immigration), I will wholeheartedly enjoy voting McCain/Palin this November.