Monday, September 1, 2008

Time for me to chime in

I know that I haven't written in a while, but, to be quite honest, the Democratic Convention pretty much just made me ill. How so many people can be wooed by someone who promises change but is so blatantly the same old left wing, liberal, democratic politician is beyond me.

President Clinton's speech was filled with so many things that I can not even begin to comprehend how he could get up there and say them. He attacks an economy that is growing. One that had declined during his presidency and was on the decline when Bush took over. There were so many things that he tried to blame on Bush that you could actually point to his Presidency it was unreal.

I couldn't even bring myself to listen to another of Obama's orations. He speaks well when he has a prepared speech in front of him, but, let him speak off the cuff and he falls completely apart.

Now, let me comment on McCain's announcement on Friday. He chose Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska (just in case you missed it). If you are like me, you said to yourself, "he chose who?". I will admit that I had never heard of her before Friday. I had to do a little reading and a little thinking before I wrote this post.

I personally think that this is a brilliant move by McCain. He went against conventional wisdom, but in a way that should keep him in the good graces of the conservative base. He also broke away from the convention by choosing a woman. She is a conservative herself.

She won the election to be governor of Alaska by beating the incumbent in the primary. That is fighting against the odds in and of itself. She has fought corruption in her home state. In the two years of being governor, she has quite a track record for making executive decisions.

I will admit that I had some issues with the lack of experience. McCain has had a field day attacking Obama's lack of experience. But, she isn't running for president, Obama is.

This campaign is turning into something to watch. Either way, it will be history in the making. If the media gets its way, we will have the first black man in the White House. If they don't, we have the first woman in the White House. No matter which way you choose to vote, history will be made.

Me, personally, I don't want to see the black man win. Not because I don't want a black man to win, I just don't want this one to win. I think that he is too far out to the left. I also feel that America can't afford the kind of change that he is proposing.


C said...

I think it's interesting that Palin actually has more "experience" where I would think it "counts," i.e., in an executive role. Obama was in the Senate for but a couple of months before beginning his campaign for the presidency. Palin, on the other hand, has acted as governor for two years. Sure, neither of them has a large amount of relevant experience, but as you said--Palin's not running for president.

On the other hand, there is a very real possibility that she might have to take over the office at some point. I can, therefore, see SOME of the argument. I do not, however, find it incredibly troubling.

I'm not particularly happy with either candidate. Being libertarian is problematic in that I agree with part of each party's message. However, I'm much more confident in McCain's ticket now that Palin is on it, regardless of her socially conservative views.

Cheers! (I hope that the GOP convention gets the bad taste of the Dem's party out of your mouth. :) )