Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What a turn of events

In case you missed the President's speech tonight, he laid out the plan for saving the economy. The money that he is asking Congress to allow to be used for all of this is not supposed to be money we are just giving away. It is to allow the bigger companies to be saved by purchasing the mortgage backed investment packages that have gotten everyone in trouble until everything stabilizes and they can be purchased by investors in the future. Secondly, there is to be an independent council to oversee how the money is disbursed. Also, he has called for leaders in Congress, including Obama and McCain, to a conference to finish hashing out all the details and make this a truly bipartisan agreement.

As far as Obama and McCain are concerned, I really don't care who called who first, the fact is, McCain is going to suspend his campaign until there is an agreement made that everyone can live with. He is going to return to Washington to actually do the job that the citizens of Arizona elected him to do. On the other hand, Obama doesn't seem to think that there is any reason for him to go unless they tell him he needs to. So, both men are doing the very thing that they have been doing their entire adult lives. One, serving his country. The other, serving his own ambitions.

Who do we truly want to lead this country?


USS Retired said...

Saying "hello" as a 'friend' of Hope on the Edge whom I met through the SWC. I must say I have sat here and read nearly every post you've made. You are indeed incredible with words. KUDOS to you!!! (of course I won't mention that I'm absolutely in agreeance with you on most of it ;) - oh wait, I just did - hehe)

JordsM said...

I concur, but must add a little sarcasm...

Even if OB goes back to vote on the package, with his track record he'll probably just vote 'Present' like he has done so many other times in the past.