Thursday, October 16, 2008

Senator Government

First, let me apologize for being absent 11 days. Changing jobs, along with a long weekend without internet, and things just got away from me.

Quite a bit has happened while I was gone. John McCain and Sarah Palin have gone on the offensive. They have started to bring into question some of Obama's relationships. I say, it's about time. This man truly has no experience and this is the only thing that we have to judge him on. Besides all this, you can not find anything on the things he claims to have done in the past. He has even admitted to being a socialist (although, he would say otherwise and I will talk more about this in a minute).

We have heard of his relationship with Bill Ayers. This man bombed the Pentagon and several other sites in the U.S. Has denounced the United States, and, as recently as 2001, said that he wished he could have done more. Obama sat on a board to reform education in Chicago with this man for about 8 yrs and says it was a casual acquaintance. He has used the tactics described in the book "Rules for Radicals" by communist Saul Alinsky. Shoot, Michelle Obama even used exerpts from this book in a speech. He was associated with ACORN. A group which is under investigation for voter fraud and that he has given several thousand dollars to. He is backed by every Muslim terrorist group on earth. He is even friends with Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam. This man is known for his radical views and speaches denouncing everything that the United States stands for. He sat in a church, for 20 yrs., in which the Reverend Wright spouted anti white, anti American rants as well as met with Mohmmar Gadhafi.

If this isn't enough. He was speaking with "Joe The Plumber" in Ohio. Joe is a man who has worked for about 15 yrs. and finally has enough to buy the company that he works for. However, he has found out that, under Obama's plan, he will be taxed more and will not be able to afford to run the business the way he wants. He actually came face to face with Obama and asked him about it. Do you know what Obama told him? He said that "it isn't that he wants to penalize him, but, he wants to give the person behind him the same chance that he has." He further went on to admit that he wants to "distribute the wealth". McCain attacked Obama on this last night. He said that he would rather "Joe The Plumber" distribute the wealth, not the Government. This is the biggest diference between the two. McCain doesn't want to take any more of anyone's money. Obama says that he is going to raise taxes on everyone who makes more than $250,000. These are the same people who hire other people. And, who do you think is going to actually pay these taxes? We are. The very same people Obama is saying that he is going to cut taxes for.

Taxes are one of the biggest tools politicians have. Every Democrat has promised to lower taxes, and then have raised them. I feel that it is time we get some truly conservative people in office and switch over to the Fair Tax. I highly recommend that everyone take a look at this site and read about it. Everyone that I have discussed this with believes that it is the way we need to go. It would certainly solve the delema for "Joe The Plumber" and anyone else in a similar situation.