Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's to November 6, 2012

First, let me congratulate all of those people out there who supported Barack Obama as well as the man himself.

I truly didn't want to have to say that, but, I am humble enough to know that this is what the majority of people in the United States voted for yesterday and that is that. So, all we can do at this time is congratulate him, pray, and get ready for the next election.

There are two things that worried me about yesterday. It was two things that really resonated within my soul.

First, one of the commentators said that there were more people who voted for Obama because he was black than voted against him because he was black. This indicated, to me, that one of the main reasons this man won the election was because of his skin tone. This is not right. You combine that with the second thing I heard, and that was that Obama got about 67% of the vote in the age group 18-29 and McCain won almost 65% of the vote of people over the age of 60 and you soon begin to realize that this election wasn't truly about the issues at hand. That the majority of the people made decisions on misinformation or downright ignorance.

The second thing I want people to realize is that when it became apparent that Obama was going to win, McCain/Palin very calmly came out and conceded the race. No big drawn out fight that would take the election into December (remember 2000 and 2004). They were very gracious and promised to continue to serve the people of this great nation. This is something that neither Al Gore nor John Kerry did.

And, go ahead and read my wife's blog and you will know why I am so worried about this decision.

So, congratulations. America has spoken. I just hope that we avoid too much damage from being done.


Krys72599 said...

You're a better man than I.

Michelle said...

I look forward to the re-building of the real Republican party...I am already hearing what seems to be some smart thoughts about people who might be in charge...

Congrats to Obama for having some of the best campaign managers out there...I can only hope for the best now...but my guess is by 2012 they will be begging for the Repubicans to be back in charge...hope we will be able to pull everyone out of the hole...

My thoughts are really with the military,their families, and what they must be feeling and thinking....