Monday, November 17, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

I just got finished reading two stories that I wish to share my views on.

The first is a letter from Chuck Norris (yes, you read that right and it is him) to President-Elect Obama. Read the entire letter here. In it, he congratulates him on his victory in the election and wonders how he can work for our new president to better America. Then, he realized that the President works for us and quickly changed his tune. Now, I ask you, do you really think that our 44th President will actually care what we think or how we want him to run his administration? I'll give you a clue, Vice-President-Elect Biden already has given that one away. He actually told a group of supporters during the campaign that there was going to come a time when something serious was going to happen and that the decisions that were made would not seem like the right ones. That people would have to remember the support they have given him up to this point and continue to support our President even though they didn't agree with what he was doing. This kind of blind support is not how it is supposed to work. Do they want us to support them the way that this country has supported Bush? The Congress, in prticular, who were all on board a few years ago, are now totally against any idea that Bush has. Now, they again have all the power. We'll see how it all turns out until 2010 when we get to vote on the members of Congress and the Senate again.

The second thing a read was that Al Franken is heading to Washington. He hasn't even been elected yet. He is going to meet with Harry Reid and other Senate leaders so that if the recount comes out in his favor, he can hit the ground running. He said that he wouldn't be attending the orientation that the Senate has for their newly elected officials because that would be "presumptuous". First of all, if anybody has been watching this Senate race in Minnesota, then it would raise all kinds of red flags as to the validity of anything going on up there to begin with. The incumbent, a Republican, was ahead by over 700 votes. Granted, it was close. But, then all of a sudden, there were some more votes found. The number was down to 500. Then, some more were found. The number now stands somewhere between 200 and 300 votes. The recount is this week. However, if you look at the map I posted in my last post, guess where all of these votes were found. That's right, in the northeast portion of the state. That area that is predominantly blue. Now, guess how many votes were found in favor of the incumbent. That's right ZERO. When combine all of this with the fact that some pretty major instances of voter fraud have been found out and accused in other states, why shouldn't we question the validity of this race and of Al Franken, who happens to be one of the most liberal people running for a seat this year? And presumptuous, Mr. Franken, is the idea that you have any business at all in Washington until the election results are final and you, if your voter fraud supporters, have manufactured a victory.

Plain and simple. The Democrats have bought this country. Obama, by refusing to accept public funds he had promised to take, was able to throw so much money into his campaign that McCain never stood a chance. Although I was hoping that there were enough people in this country who could think for themselves and see through all the hype. The Democrats have supported and thrown so much money into the state elections to get their left wing liberals voted in, in any way they could fathom, that we are headed down the path of socialism.

This is what the people said they wanted. Voter fraud that leads to unbridled corruption and power to the very people that are seeking to destroy the very foundations that this country was built on. This is what we have to look forward to.