Friday, December 12, 2008


First, let me apologize because I was wanting to put up a post on December 7 and somehow, it completely slipped my mind. It seems like a lot of things have been doing that lately. I have a great deal of respect for the men and women who have served this country and gave their lives to protect her. I have had the tremendous opportunity to visit the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor as well as the museum in Nagasaki, Japan and the U.S.S. Missouri. That means that I have seen the museums commemorating both the beginning and the end of WWII on both sides of the war in the Pacific. Standing in the Memorial over the Arizona is a haunting experience. Looking into the end of it, you will see a list of names of Sailors and Marines who lost their lives on board that ship on December 7, 1941. They are still on board. In Nagasaki, you can visit ground zero. The place where the bomb actually hit as well as look at the city both before and after. That too, is a haunting experience. To realize that there is something in this world that can cause that much destruction in just the blink of an eye. I ask everyone who reads this to please remember those who have given their lives in defense of this country (this includes both the living and the deceased because even the living have given at least a portion of their lives) in your thoughts and prayers every single day.

Now, this all brings me to the story that caused me to look at my blog and realize that I had forgotten to post that day. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright went back to the pulpit on Sunday, and, in his usual fashion began to bash the United States again. This time, he got his history wrong. (Sort of like Obama when he said that his uncle was part of the first forces to go into Auschwitz which was in fact liberated by the Soviets.) Rev. Wright actually said that December 7 marked the anniversary that the United States killed 80,000 innocent people by bombing Hiroshima. Now, why would anyone, who actually loves this country, still be attending this church and listen to this nut. He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about.

On a side note, have you ever noticed how, when a Democrat is in office, it is the United States that does bad things. But, when a Republican is in office, it is him alone. Look at it. America dropped the atomic bombs. It wasn't Harry S. Truman who gave the order. America put Japanese Americans in interment camps, not Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was America that boycotted the Olympics, not Jimmy Carter. But, it was Bush who attacked Iraq. It was Bush who put people in Guantanamo Bay. It was Bush who authorized torture. The liberals in this country just don't get it. Well, actually, they do. As long as they can make the Republicans to look like the bad guys then they continue to win elections. So, they portray everything to be the Republicans' fault while protecting the Democrats. The media buys into this, so they do the same thing. This is why Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are still in office, even though they are two of the biggest reasons the economy is in the situation it is in.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, Barack Obama promised he would change things if he got elected president. He is delivering on this promise. So, buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The biggest thing he is planning on the day he takes the oath is the way bills become laws. He has asked Congress to pass his new economic plan by January 20, 2009 so that he can sign it into law the day he becomes president. This would bypass all the ordinary debates over the bill that would normally go on. It will probably pass. Congress is usually busy in January swearing in their new members, reviewing election results, making committee assignments and other such things that need to happen in order to set up shop (so to speak). In the midst of all this, Obama is asking them to consider one of the most comprehensive packages in history.

He is using the current status of the economy to try and fast-track his socialist plans. He wants to do this on day one. Forget the 100-day agenda that FDR put into practice during his "New Deal" plan when he took office. I am afraid that this will happen. His plan will tie jobs, the economy and several other things that would normally all be in different bills into one bill. And, once it passes Congress and is signed into law, will not ever be on the table for debate again. How scary is it that this can happen?

This bill will not even get the due process that we depend on to ensure that Congress does the right thing (or at least that's the intent). He is looking to be able to get Congress to do exactly what he wants. He is looking for more power than any other president in history. What he is asking is unprecedented. The normal process is supposed to be in place. It is supposed to be a process of checks and balances. There is supposed to be debate. He is asking to bypass all of this. The programs he is proposing will extend the current recession beyond the normal correction time that the economy would have done by itself. What most people don't seem to understand is that the free market will always correct itself. Sometimes it is painful. But, it will always work through it in the end. The fact that the housing market tanked was caused by the government forcing lenders into an area that they had never gone. Trying to get people into homes that they could not afford. Then, people got greedy, and, in order to correct itself, it had to collapse. It will come back. The same thing happens in the stock market. Look at what happened before the Great Depression. The market was up. Then it crashed. The same thing has happened here. It was up at the highest point in history. It had to go down. It was getting to the point that there was no more room to go up. Add to that the fact that the banks were being forced to take on bad loans and their liquidity was all dried up. Now, you have a mess. But, it is a major correction. You hear the economists talking about small corrections all the time. Every now and again, you need to have a major correction. This is what is happening right now.

Rush Limbaugh asked something that sticks with me right now because it is appropriate. "If times are so tough, how can parents afford to spoil their kids?" If this is truly another depression as the Democrats would want us to believe, then why would we even be asking this question? Parents would not be spoiling their kids. Times are tough, don't get me wrong, but, they could be a whole lot worse. Obama wants us to believe that this is a major crisis. He wants us scared. This way, he can force his socialistic ideals down our throats. And, we will thank him for it. Well, not me. I do look forward to being compensated for the years of service that I have given this country, but, I don't need anything from government. Especially when it comes at the cost of the very freedoms that thousands upon thousands of people have defended.

If you don't like the idea that Obama wants Congress to pass this bill, especially without the due process that it needs to go through, I highly encourage you to drop an e-mail or a letter to your Congressman/woman. You can find the US Senate here. The House of Representatives here. From there you can find your respective representatives. A little more research will be required for those of you who have new people going into office in January.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Didn't we form this country to get away from Europe?

As I read more and more about everything that is going on in this country, I am getting more convinced that there are quite a few people in this country that want us to be more like our European counterparts. I mean, that is the only way I can explain it. In Europe, the governments pretty much run everything. They oversee everything. This is the direction we are heading.

Why in the world would we do that when our economy determines how the rest of the world goes? Watch the markets sometime (if you haven't). However our market goes one day, the rest of them will follow. Everyone compares their currency to the dollar. That is the way it has been for quite some time. What made it this great? Capitalism. Plain and simple. The idea that people had the freedom to succeed or fail all on their own. If I can come up with something that people need or will buy, I work hard to provide it and can watch how my business is run, then I will succeed. If any of these things are not in the mix, then I will fail. That is how everything in this country works. Some of us work for those who have the ideas. But, that doesn't mean that we can't be a success in our own right. We all have our own talents. I mean, the person with the ideas, sometimes, is not always the same person with the skill to make or promote the idea. There are other people who can do that much better. They provide the service and get paid for it. If someone gets to greedy and tries to grab too big a share of the market, then they end up cutting their own throats. If they spend more than they have, they go under. It's extremely simple, but it works.

The idea that the federal government needs to get into the business of running businesses is asinine. They can't even run the things that they are supposed to run. The more they get involved, the more we will become like our European brethren. The less control we will have over our own destinies. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that the auto makers are a huge part of our economy. But, I still don't believe that we need to spend the amount of money that they are asking for. I say, if they are really as close as they say they are to going bankrupt, then let them. It doesn't mean that they have to go out of business. I mean, airlines go bankrupt on a fairly regular basis. they don't go out of business. Bankruptcy will mean that the companies will have the opportunity to restructure everything, including the ridiculous Union contracts that they have to pay.

It seems that since this economic down turn has taken place, that everyone and their mothers are coming to the government for a hand out. The government in turn is demanding more control. The very people who demanded that we leave Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae alone and let them run of their own accord, refusing to provide oversight, and thus, precipitating the current economic conditions, are the one's who are sitting up there on Capitol Hill and demanding they get control over every aspect of the economy. They are the one's who voted to give the Treasury Secretary $700 billion to spend as he saw fit (him and him alone) and then, a month and a half later, had the audacity to question the way he is spending it. These are the people who are to blame for the status of the economy. Not us. They are the one's who supported ACORN who would go to banks and demand that they give loans to people who did not deserve them for housed that they had no business buying in the first place. If they didn't then they were discriminating. They are the one's who allowed F.M. and F.M. to continue down the path that would cause this "CRISIS", even when people were warning them that this would happen. The warnings came as early as 2000. They had eight years to see the light and prevent this from happening. What makes us believe that they can do anything now?

We have elected a president whose every promise, during his campaign, will lead us more and more down the path to socialism. More and more to a government controlled population. Instead of a population controlled government.

So, again, I ask, "Didn't we form this country to get away from Europe?"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Redistribution on our terms

Who will ever forget Barack Obama telling Joe the Plumber that he wants to distribute the wealth? I know I won't. I have pointed out many times that this is what Obama's economic policy is. He wants to take more money from the "rich" (people who work hard for what they have) and give it to the "poor" (those who choose not to work, complain about their lot in life and look for the government for a handout because they are entitled to it for some reason or another). In the mean time, he turns around and gives money to such organizations as ACORN who is known for their fraudulent involvement in elections. His right hand man, Joe Biden, who makes quite a bit of money in his own right, only gave something like $3000 to charity (I don't remember the exact number, but when you make as much money as he does, this is truly a small sum). I have long pointed out that there are still good people in this country and that people will do the right things with their money.

Last night, I watched a show that shows exactly that. It is called "Secret Millionaire" and it is on Fox. Last night was the first night of it and they showed two stories. The premise is this: Millionaires will live in poverty for one week (I know that truly isn't a long time but just follow me on this one) and at the end of that week, they give at least $100,000 to people they think deserve it. I liked the first story better than the second. The first story was a man who has made millions in real estate. He has something like 16 aircraft, all kinds of cars (including a Rolls Royce), and a yacht. His 22yr old son has never had to work for anything in his life. The two of them went to Imperial Beach near the Mexican border in California. They had $150 to live on for the week. They found a place to live that they had to pay for every day. It cost them $57 for the first night. Most people would have turned and walked out right away when they saw this place. They figured out quickly that they had to work. They found someone looking for some help on a construction sight. They were knocking down walls and stuff like that. The woman that supervised them talked to them and invited them to her house for breakfast the next morning. She had actually lived for a while in an irrigation canal and now, even though she was still in debt up to her ears, found the time to help out other people because she was finally starting to get back on track. They then met a lady that fed anyone who came to her and asked for food. She had something like 17 people living in her house. Finally they met a family with a little girl with cancer. Both parents worked for small companies that had no insurance. They struggled just to make ends meet and couldn't afford the medical bills. The son actually broke down when he realized how lucky he was to be in his situation. The father said that the experience changed his life. The two of them gave a total of $125,000 to these three people. After listening to them, I think that they will be doing a lot more in the future.

The second story was about a couple who went and lived for a week in a town that was flattened by Katrina. They were more on a fact finding mission than anything. Sure, they stayed in a trailer for the week, but they drove around in their Suburban and volunteered and talked to people. They did not have to work. The money they had was for food and driving around. They didn't get to eat steak or any of the things they were used to. They ended up giving a total of $300,000 to three people. A preacher whose house was totally gone but he rebuilt his church and was now working on a house for volunteers to stay in while they were there got $100,000. A football coach who combined the teams from three rival schools after the hurricane and went on to win the state championship two years later got $100,000 to rebuild the facilities that they didn't have. And finally, a couple who was living in FEMA trailer and rebuilding a coffee shop to help feed the people of the area (really more of a soup kitchen) and were rebuilding a small apartment upstairs so they could move out of the trailer got $100,000 because in the midst of building they took time out to distribute food.

This show proves that there are still people in this world who know how fortunate they are. It also shows that you don't have to be rich to give back. These people pretty much had nothing, but were still giving back what little they had. Nothing fancy. Just what they could. Then these people come in and actually took the time to find out what these people were made of. And then, even though it wasn't a large sum of money to them, it was enough to make a difference in their lives.

We do not need government to redistribute our wealth. We can do that all on our own.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Has anybody noticed that just about everyone of the people that Obama has announced as his team that is going into the White House with him all served, in some form or another, under Clinton? This is not what he promised during his campaign. He said that it was time to do away with "politics as usual". But, now he goes and announces that the very people that he is going to rely on for advice are the same people that have been in Washington for many, many years. How is this NOT Politics as usual? He says that in this time of economic crisis, it should not surprise people that he would draw on the experience from the last Democratic Administration. In fact, he said that he believes the people should expect it. WHAT???!!! You promised that your administration would not be the same old people. It appears to me, that what you are admitting is the very same thing that many people tried to point out from day one, you do not have the experience to run this country. Why else would you turn to the experience of the last Democratic administration? It just makes no sense.

Harvard economist Ken Rogoff has said, "Some see political motives in all this foot dragging (speaking of the fact that Obama pretty much disappeared for a while). Obama may want to avoid being linked in any way to the policy failures of the Bush era. By not taking ownership of the problem now, Obama can reappear dramatically as a savior on Jan. 20 like Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, thereby reclaiming the commanding heights of US politics for the Democratic Party. It's exactly the FDR model. The market may sink another 10%, but then they can win elections for another 10 years. It makes sense politically to hang Bush out to dry, but Obama has to hang the economy out to dry at the same time. Obama, in other words, may want to turn crisis into opportunity."

As a matter of fact, the model is set. Towards the end of a third consecutive Republican Term as President, the stock market crashed. Now, as we all know, it ended up being the start of The Great Depression. But, instead of letting the market recover, the people voted in one of the most socialist Presidents in the history of this great country, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Instead of depending on the principles that founded this country, the fact that government was to be limited with most of the power being given to the states and cities, FDR instituted The New Deal, in which the Federal Governement seized control over a huge portion of the economy and our lives. Now, fast forward. At the end of the second consecutive Republican Term as President, the stock market has crashed. We have elected a Democrat, who is relatively unknown, but who has the most liberal voting record in the Senate and whose policies point directly to the Federal government taking even more control over our lives. The New Deal actually extended the effects of the Great Depression. Obama's policies will do more of the same. FDR has been touted as one of the greatest presidents this country has had even though the only reason we came out of the depression was World War II.

Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare are both almost bankrupt. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are a big reason why the economy is the way it is. These are federally run entities. Are these the same people who we want to tell us how to live our lives? The politicians who have protected these entities have lined their pockets and gotten big fat bank accounts while the economy goes down hill. Do you really believe that these people have the Average American's best interest at heart? NO WAY!! All they are worried about, is getting their hands on more of our money so they can reward people who don't deserve it. All under the guise of CRISIS.

Crisis is good for Democrats. That's why they push Global Warming (or climate change). They want us to be scared so they can control more of our lives. The lead scientist at NASA who is in charge of reporting the world's climate has been caught in so many lies that there is no way we can believe a word he says. They reported that October was the warmest October on record. Then it was discovered that they had actually entered September's numbers by mistake. Glaciers around the world are growing. Many places are reporting record snow fall. Shoot, even Al Gore delivered a speach in London on Global Warming during the first snow storm that they had seen that early in the year in something like 50 yrs. He blamed it on Global Warming. The are beginning to blame everything on Global Warming. How can we have record snow falls and blame it on Global Warming? It just makes NO sense.

This is what the Democrats do. They foster panic. They want their to be a crisis. That way, they can come in and "save the day". What they are actually doing, is eating away at the very fabric that has made this country great. The very foundations of this country.

Just a little more food for thought. This is not change. This has all been done before and until the majority of people in this country can start to look back and realize the mistakes that have been made in the past, and commit to not making them again, then we will continue to go through this cycle, over and over again. Every generation will face the same kinds of crisis that we are facing now.