Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Has anybody noticed that just about everyone of the people that Obama has announced as his team that is going into the White House with him all served, in some form or another, under Clinton? This is not what he promised during his campaign. He said that it was time to do away with "politics as usual". But, now he goes and announces that the very people that he is going to rely on for advice are the same people that have been in Washington for many, many years. How is this NOT Politics as usual? He says that in this time of economic crisis, it should not surprise people that he would draw on the experience from the last Democratic Administration. In fact, he said that he believes the people should expect it. WHAT???!!! You promised that your administration would not be the same old people. It appears to me, that what you are admitting is the very same thing that many people tried to point out from day one, you do not have the experience to run this country. Why else would you turn to the experience of the last Democratic administration? It just makes no sense.

Harvard economist Ken Rogoff has said, "Some see political motives in all this foot dragging (speaking of the fact that Obama pretty much disappeared for a while). Obama may want to avoid being linked in any way to the policy failures of the Bush era. By not taking ownership of the problem now, Obama can reappear dramatically as a savior on Jan. 20 like Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, thereby reclaiming the commanding heights of US politics for the Democratic Party. It's exactly the FDR model. The market may sink another 10%, but then they can win elections for another 10 years. It makes sense politically to hang Bush out to dry, but Obama has to hang the economy out to dry at the same time. Obama, in other words, may want to turn crisis into opportunity."

As a matter of fact, the model is set. Towards the end of a third consecutive Republican Term as President, the stock market crashed. Now, as we all know, it ended up being the start of The Great Depression. But, instead of letting the market recover, the people voted in one of the most socialist Presidents in the history of this great country, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Instead of depending on the principles that founded this country, the fact that government was to be limited with most of the power being given to the states and cities, FDR instituted The New Deal, in which the Federal Governement seized control over a huge portion of the economy and our lives. Now, fast forward. At the end of the second consecutive Republican Term as President, the stock market has crashed. We have elected a Democrat, who is relatively unknown, but who has the most liberal voting record in the Senate and whose policies point directly to the Federal government taking even more control over our lives. The New Deal actually extended the effects of the Great Depression. Obama's policies will do more of the same. FDR has been touted as one of the greatest presidents this country has had even though the only reason we came out of the depression was World War II.

Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare are both almost bankrupt. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are a big reason why the economy is the way it is. These are federally run entities. Are these the same people who we want to tell us how to live our lives? The politicians who have protected these entities have lined their pockets and gotten big fat bank accounts while the economy goes down hill. Do you really believe that these people have the Average American's best interest at heart? NO WAY!! All they are worried about, is getting their hands on more of our money so they can reward people who don't deserve it. All under the guise of CRISIS.

Crisis is good for Democrats. That's why they push Global Warming (or climate change). They want us to be scared so they can control more of our lives. The lead scientist at NASA who is in charge of reporting the world's climate has been caught in so many lies that there is no way we can believe a word he says. They reported that October was the warmest October on record. Then it was discovered that they had actually entered September's numbers by mistake. Glaciers around the world are growing. Many places are reporting record snow fall. Shoot, even Al Gore delivered a speach in London on Global Warming during the first snow storm that they had seen that early in the year in something like 50 yrs. He blamed it on Global Warming. The are beginning to blame everything on Global Warming. How can we have record snow falls and blame it on Global Warming? It just makes NO sense.

This is what the Democrats do. They foster panic. They want their to be a crisis. That way, they can come in and "save the day". What they are actually doing, is eating away at the very fabric that has made this country great. The very foundations of this country.

Just a little more food for thought. This is not change. This has all been done before and until the majority of people in this country can start to look back and realize the mistakes that have been made in the past, and commit to not making them again, then we will continue to go through this cycle, over and over again. Every generation will face the same kinds of crisis that we are facing now.