Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, Barack Obama promised he would change things if he got elected president. He is delivering on this promise. So, buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The biggest thing he is planning on the day he takes the oath is the way bills become laws. He has asked Congress to pass his new economic plan by January 20, 2009 so that he can sign it into law the day he becomes president. This would bypass all the ordinary debates over the bill that would normally go on. It will probably pass. Congress is usually busy in January swearing in their new members, reviewing election results, making committee assignments and other such things that need to happen in order to set up shop (so to speak). In the midst of all this, Obama is asking them to consider one of the most comprehensive packages in history.

He is using the current status of the economy to try and fast-track his socialist plans. He wants to do this on day one. Forget the 100-day agenda that FDR put into practice during his "New Deal" plan when he took office. I am afraid that this will happen. His plan will tie jobs, the economy and several other things that would normally all be in different bills into one bill. And, once it passes Congress and is signed into law, will not ever be on the table for debate again. How scary is it that this can happen?

This bill will not even get the due process that we depend on to ensure that Congress does the right thing (or at least that's the intent). He is looking to be able to get Congress to do exactly what he wants. He is looking for more power than any other president in history. What he is asking is unprecedented. The normal process is supposed to be in place. It is supposed to be a process of checks and balances. There is supposed to be debate. He is asking to bypass all of this. The programs he is proposing will extend the current recession beyond the normal correction time that the economy would have done by itself. What most people don't seem to understand is that the free market will always correct itself. Sometimes it is painful. But, it will always work through it in the end. The fact that the housing market tanked was caused by the government forcing lenders into an area that they had never gone. Trying to get people into homes that they could not afford. Then, people got greedy, and, in order to correct itself, it had to collapse. It will come back. The same thing happens in the stock market. Look at what happened before the Great Depression. The market was up. Then it crashed. The same thing has happened here. It was up at the highest point in history. It had to go down. It was getting to the point that there was no more room to go up. Add to that the fact that the banks were being forced to take on bad loans and their liquidity was all dried up. Now, you have a mess. But, it is a major correction. You hear the economists talking about small corrections all the time. Every now and again, you need to have a major correction. This is what is happening right now.

Rush Limbaugh asked something that sticks with me right now because it is appropriate. "If times are so tough, how can parents afford to spoil their kids?" If this is truly another depression as the Democrats would want us to believe, then why would we even be asking this question? Parents would not be spoiling their kids. Times are tough, don't get me wrong, but, they could be a whole lot worse. Obama wants us to believe that this is a major crisis. He wants us scared. This way, he can force his socialistic ideals down our throats. And, we will thank him for it. Well, not me. I do look forward to being compensated for the years of service that I have given this country, but, I don't need anything from government. Especially when it comes at the cost of the very freedoms that thousands upon thousands of people have defended.

If you don't like the idea that Obama wants Congress to pass this bill, especially without the due process that it needs to go through, I highly encourage you to drop an e-mail or a letter to your Congressman/woman. You can find the US Senate here. The House of Representatives here. From there you can find your respective representatives. A little more research will be required for those of you who have new people going into office in January.