Thursday, December 4, 2008

Redistribution on our terms

Who will ever forget Barack Obama telling Joe the Plumber that he wants to distribute the wealth? I know I won't. I have pointed out many times that this is what Obama's economic policy is. He wants to take more money from the "rich" (people who work hard for what they have) and give it to the "poor" (those who choose not to work, complain about their lot in life and look for the government for a handout because they are entitled to it for some reason or another). In the mean time, he turns around and gives money to such organizations as ACORN who is known for their fraudulent involvement in elections. His right hand man, Joe Biden, who makes quite a bit of money in his own right, only gave something like $3000 to charity (I don't remember the exact number, but when you make as much money as he does, this is truly a small sum). I have long pointed out that there are still good people in this country and that people will do the right things with their money.

Last night, I watched a show that shows exactly that. It is called "Secret Millionaire" and it is on Fox. Last night was the first night of it and they showed two stories. The premise is this: Millionaires will live in poverty for one week (I know that truly isn't a long time but just follow me on this one) and at the end of that week, they give at least $100,000 to people they think deserve it. I liked the first story better than the second. The first story was a man who has made millions in real estate. He has something like 16 aircraft, all kinds of cars (including a Rolls Royce), and a yacht. His 22yr old son has never had to work for anything in his life. The two of them went to Imperial Beach near the Mexican border in California. They had $150 to live on for the week. They found a place to live that they had to pay for every day. It cost them $57 for the first night. Most people would have turned and walked out right away when they saw this place. They figured out quickly that they had to work. They found someone looking for some help on a construction sight. They were knocking down walls and stuff like that. The woman that supervised them talked to them and invited them to her house for breakfast the next morning. She had actually lived for a while in an irrigation canal and now, even though she was still in debt up to her ears, found the time to help out other people because she was finally starting to get back on track. They then met a lady that fed anyone who came to her and asked for food. She had something like 17 people living in her house. Finally they met a family with a little girl with cancer. Both parents worked for small companies that had no insurance. They struggled just to make ends meet and couldn't afford the medical bills. The son actually broke down when he realized how lucky he was to be in his situation. The father said that the experience changed his life. The two of them gave a total of $125,000 to these three people. After listening to them, I think that they will be doing a lot more in the future.

The second story was about a couple who went and lived for a week in a town that was flattened by Katrina. They were more on a fact finding mission than anything. Sure, they stayed in a trailer for the week, but they drove around in their Suburban and volunteered and talked to people. They did not have to work. The money they had was for food and driving around. They didn't get to eat steak or any of the things they were used to. They ended up giving a total of $300,000 to three people. A preacher whose house was totally gone but he rebuilt his church and was now working on a house for volunteers to stay in while they were there got $100,000. A football coach who combined the teams from three rival schools after the hurricane and went on to win the state championship two years later got $100,000 to rebuild the facilities that they didn't have. And finally, a couple who was living in FEMA trailer and rebuilding a coffee shop to help feed the people of the area (really more of a soup kitchen) and were rebuilding a small apartment upstairs so they could move out of the trailer got $100,000 because in the midst of building they took time out to distribute food.

This show proves that there are still people in this world who know how fortunate they are. It also shows that you don't have to be rich to give back. These people pretty much had nothing, but were still giving back what little they had. Nothing fancy. Just what they could. Then these people come in and actually took the time to find out what these people were made of. And then, even though it wasn't a large sum of money to them, it was enough to make a difference in their lives.

We do not need government to redistribute our wealth. We can do that all on our own.


Krys72599 said...

"We do not need government to redistribute our wealth. We can do that all on our own."

Thanks for this. 'Nough said.