Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Back........

I apologize to those of you who had begun to read my blog on a regular basis. My lack of posting was a combination of a few things. The Christmas Holiday, Calculus, and wanting to give the incoming administration a chance to prove that they might actually do something worthwhile. Well, no more. I have been biting my tongue long enough!

First of all, let's look at the administration Obama is appointing. The majority of these people are from Illinois, New York, or California. And, the majority of the people he is asking to be a part of his administration served under the Clinton administration. Funny, I thought he was running on "change". If you surround yourself with the very people that have been in Washington, then you are not changing anything. As far as California and New York go, these two states have two of the worst economies of any of the states in this union. Michigan is pretty low too. But, New York is about bankrupt and California isn't much better off. As a matter of fact, California was asking for Federal assistance not too long ago. New York just passed a bunch of new taxes in the form of fees. Now, if these people can't run their own states, why should we think that they can run the Federal Government?

The next thing I want to point out is that the person he has asked to be the Czar of Global Warming is a known socialist. She was listed on socialist organization's web site as one of their leaders. Since she was appointed by Obama, her name has been removed. However, a picture reportedly still remains.

Now, let's talk about the promises he has made. He promised to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. Since he was elected he has stated that his tax cuts might have to wait. He also made America believe that as soon as he took office he would bring the troops out of Iraq. Now, he has said that some of the troops will remain. This is the same man that promised to take public funds for his campaign and then denied it. He knew that he could raise more money without it.

He has now promised that the deficit will be over $1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) for some time. Where is the responsibility? This makes absolutely no sense. Our Congress has already approved over $1 Trillion in bail outs. Now Obama wants to ask for $800 Billion more. When will it end?


Krys72599 said...

Oh, thank God you're back!!! As always, pithy and to the point.

Thanks for backing up my interpretation of "change." Does not change mean different?

My nephew, who's 18, voted for BO. When I asked him why, his response was, "Because it's time for a change." My question to him was, "Anyone other than George Bush would be a change, including McCain, so WHY did you vote for BO? What made you choose him over McCain?"

My nephew doesn't work. He goes to school and listens to music on his computer. He drives a used sports car, courtesy of money from his grandfather.

And BO will be distributing MORE of MY wealth to my nephew and his lazy-a-s father who hasn't worked or supported his kids in 18 years. Wealth (and I use the term loosely 'cause we're NOT wealthy!) that I worked long, hard hours to EARN. Wealth that is mine to distribute as I see fit. And quite frankly, if I saw fit to distribute some of it my nephew's way, that would be my business. But it's NOT BO's place to tell me I have to give more of my money to people who didn't work as hard as me to earn it or who (shiver!) didn't work AT ALL to earn it!

And by the way, I put $50 in my nephew's debit account at the end of October and watched online how he spent it (ah, the miracles of technology!). Sodas, video games, pizza, candy, Burger King - $50 wasted on nothing!

Here goes the I-sound-just-like-my-mother... When I was in college, my parents struggled to send me $20 spending money FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH, and it had to include 4 weeks of laundry money, too! And my nephew didn't spend one thin dime of that $50 on anything other than junk, on anything that would contribute to his college education. SO I'M NOT SENDING HIM ANY MORE MONEY.

That's how I feel about BO's plan to redistribute my wealth to those who haven't been as successful as me. Work at it and you can be.