Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Bounds

It seems that the Democrats know no bounds when it comes to money, or hypocrisy for that matter. Reason also seems to be thrown out the window.

It seems that our wonderful lawmakers in Washington now have an extra $93,000 in each of their petty cash funds. Yes, while they are planning on spending close to a TRILLION dollars on liberal agenda pet projects that have no real hope of ever "stimulating" the economy, they are also mad at Wall Street executives for paying out bonuses they are busy giving themselves more money to spend. This will be over $46,000,000. Now, I know this is chump change when we compare it to the Billions of dollars that they want to spend else where, but, $93,000 is more money than most of us make in a year. These people just gave themselves this for a petty cash fund. When you are trying to lecture other people on how they are being wasteful in spending their money, you should watch what you are doing in your own house.

Top this with the fact that the King Liberal wants to spend all this money on such projects as STD prevention, welfare, and family planning (because supporting the use of contraception lowers costs, therefore, will stimulate the economy (thanks Nancy Pelosi for that insight)), bees, and fish, but then he turns around and tells the DoD (that's Department of Defense) that they have to cut their budget by 10%? This man has told us exactly what he wants to do to our country.

The one thing he did lie about was defending the Constitution. This document does not say that the government is to provide for the general welfare, it says that the government is to promote the general welfare. The only thing this document says the government is to provide is for the common defense. So, how can anyone in Congress justify spending so much money on welfare and then telling the military that they have to cut their budget? That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!

To top all of it off, he is asking a Republican to be the Secretary of Commerce. Now, this would not be a bad thing, except........The Senator is from Vermont. Vermont has a Democratic governor. The governor gets to appoint a replacement. Now, if he appoints a Democrat as the replacement senator, and Al Franken wins the lawsuit that will determine who won the election in Minnesota (yes, that is still going on). Right now, the Secretary in charge of the recount has declared Franken the winner, but, there are so many holes and questions in the whole process, there is no telling what the court is going to do. Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make, if this happens, then the Democrats will have 60 members in the Senate. This would give them a filibuster proof Senate. There will be NOTHING that can be done to stop the Democrats from sending this country down the socialist path they seem bent on pursuing. Now, if you think that this is just Obama trying to reach across party lines, you are wrong. It has nothing to do with that and everything with trying to keep the Republicans from being able to stop them and their socialist agenda.

Add to all of this that two of the people that he has nominated to his cabinet seem to have had a problem paying their taxes. That's right, the patriotic thing to do according to Joe Biden. One of these men is now the head of the IRS. How ironic is that? There were actually some Republicans that voted to confirm him. Now Tom Daschle, who the President has nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services has had to pay over $100,000 in taxes that he failed to pay when he was supposed to.

Now, I don't know how it could be any more obvious that this President does not have the best interest of this country in mind. All he has in mind is a socialist agenda that, if not kept in check, will throw the Constitution right out the window and drive my beloved United States of America right down the drain with it.


Krys72599 said...

This is absolutely revolting.
And scary.
I'm afraid to ask how far into the toilet this country will go before I die. I don't wish it on my children or on my children's children, but I just don't know, either, how I'll handle seeing this great USA just head down the tubes...

Anonymous said...

Also as I understand it these tax evasion idiots didn't pay any interest and penalties either. As if an ordinary person would be able to get by with something like that. It scares me to think what this country will be like for future generations. Believe me I'm doing a lot of praying. Mom