Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buckle Up. It's going to be a bumpy ride

I watched the King Liberal's speech last night. I have a few things to say about what he said.

However, first, I want to say about what Katie Couric said at the beginning. As the Assembly was waiting for the President to make his way to the podium, there stood Nancy Pelosi, The Speaker of the House, and Joe Biden, President of the Senate, and Katie Couric spouted out "This is a historic moment. We have the nations first black president, a female Speaker of the House, and there is the white guy." Now, if any of the roles had been reversed, she would lose her job!

Now, down to the nitty gritty.

I was surprised that he didn't use the word crisis more. I only counted three, but, might have missed one or two. Either way, it wasn't alot. He laid out quite a few things that he wishes to accomplish. He says that the three things that are high on his priority list are Energy, health care, and education. I will get to that a little bit more later.

He didn't come right out and blame Bush for the economic situation, but, he sure did pile it on and anyone who was actually listening knew he was. He said that the banks and lenders pushed bad mortgages on people. He said that the surplus that Bush inherited became a holiday for the rich and an opportunity for the wealthy to gather more wealth. About the only thing he got right in this part of his speech was that we have piled on more debt than ever before and that we need to "take boldly, the responsibilities of our future."

As far as the surplus, our nation was attacked and thrown into a war that has cost. A LOT. He continues to say two wars. Read past posts to find out how I feel about that. As far as the mortgage situation, it was Clinton who declared that everyone has a right to own a home. It was Clinton's administration that put into practice quotas for mortgage companies essentially telling them who they had to lend to. It was ACORN, that community activist group that Obama used to work for, who would threaten banks if they didn't lend to people who couldn't afford the home to begin with. The banks came up with these types of loans so that they could meet the quotas and keep out of court due to the federal regulations that they were supposed to follow. Then came Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They continued to encourage this process and guaranteed loans that the banks knew were bad to begin with. Now, I am not saying that the banks are blameless, but, there was a lot of pressure for them to continue the bad lending practices that led to the current mortgage mess. Let's not forget, that as far back as 2001, the government was warned that this is where we were headed. John McCain even brought it up before the Senate and was told that it was nothing but a lynching and that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were just fine by Democrats.

He says that this "stimulus" plan will create 3.5 million jobs. 90% in the private sector. I read the thing and would like to know where the jobs are. All this thing is doing is growing government to the largest it has ever been. It is trying to increase our dependency on them so that they can keep their jobs and continue to tell us what to do. He said the oversight for this bill will be led by Joe Biden, because, "nobody messes with Joe." He also said that everyone who gets money from this bill will be accountable to him. He is going to be one busy man. As if he didn't already have enough on his plate.

He is going to take over the banking systems. He is going to start a new lending fund for auto loans, student loans and small business loans. MORE MONEY SPENT. He is also going to go into the banks and force the changes that need to be made. If that's not nationalizing the banking system, I don't know what is. He says no more money for redecorating, private jets, and padding private accounts. I say, if a bank is international, then it may be in their best interest to have a private jet to be able to get to the places that they need to go to operate their business. And, why should the government be telling them yes or no anyway.

As far as energy goes, he said that we need clean, renewable energy. What is renewable energy anyway? But, he said we will double the supply within the next three years so that we can make progress on "Climate Change". He is going to make good on his promise to put the coal industry out of business by putting market base caps on carbon emissions. And promises to invest $15Billion in this avenue. MORE OF OUR MONEY!!

He said that the Auto industry must stop the bad practices that has led them to where they are. Here's an idea. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT KEEP OUT!! Let the companies build the cars they know the American people want instead of trying to tell them what kind of cars the government wants them to make. Stop allowing the unions to have so much power. The unions and federal government are what put these companies into the situation they are in today.

Health care. He has already taken the first step in nationalizing health care by implementing a board that will decide if medical treatments are necessary. He wants to have electronic health records. I am pretty sure they are already there. He just wants to centralize them. And, he is going to convene another panel for health care reform next week. We'll see how that goes.

Education. He told us that dropping out was not only quitting on ourselves, but, it was quitting on your country. He wants to ensure that every child has access to a complete education and reform the schools. He wants to ensure that the US has the highest college graduation in the world by 2020. Supports rewards for teachers who meet measures of success. Whose definition are we talking about here? And what is the bar that defines success? He also said that education has to start at home. With the parents. I believe Bill Cosby once said this and got ridiculed for it. The King Liberal got a standing ovation.

Finally, he said that he passed a recovery bill with NO EARMARKS and doesn't want to pass on a debt that our children cannot pay. Both lies. The bill is nothing but earmarks and he is already talking about bills worth about $1.4TRILLION and that is before interest. He says he will cut the deficit in 1/2 by the end of his first term. Is this the deficit at the time he took office or after he passes all of these spending bills? He wants to cut weapons systems that we don't use. Last time I checked, if it is a DEFENSIVE system, we don't want to use it. These are the things he is talking about cutting.

He did say that he wants to raise pay for the military and increase veterans benefits and increase the size of the military. This is the majority of the money we spend on the military already and he has already said that he wants to cut the military budget.

Now, Boby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, gave the rebuttal. It could all be summed up in a quote from the GREAT Ronald Regan, "Let us resolve to stop spreading dependency and start spreading opportunity. Stop spreading bondage and start spreading freedom." Jindal said that "the strength of America is NOT found in government, but, in the American people." It is time to empower the people by allowing them to keep more of what they earn and decide what is best for themselves.

The government is not the answer. They never have been. Every time in our history that they have increased their reach into our lives, there have been dire consequences. Let the American people do the things that we do best. WE CAN DO ANYTHING.

Overall, between getting a kick out of the spring that Nancy Pelosi was on and laughing at how battered and beaten Hillary Clinton looks, the speech was nothing but a bunch of hot air. The only problem is, he has the means to make us ingest all of the crap that he has in his head.

So, buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Monday, February 23, 2009



Now, I know that I am one of the last people who should be saying anything about fiscal responsibility, but, there was a "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" today at the White House. The King Liberal basically got up there and said that we were going to go to a "pay-go" system much like what happened under Clinton. We will no longer spend money that we don't have. We will only spend as much money as we take in.

Who is he kidding? He just signed into law a bill that is going to cost the Federal Government approximately $800BILLION, and that is just the face value. By the time we end up paying for all of this it is going to cost more than $1.2TRILLION. We don't have this money, but, we are spending it. He has also announced an idea to help people who are in danger of losing their houses stay in the homes that they shouldn't have been able to afford to begin with by telling the lenders that they have to renegotiate the mortgages so that the borrower will fall into a lower debt-income ratio. This will cost the United States about $275BILLION. We don't have the money for that either.

We have borrowed or printed money to the sum of over $2TRILLION over the past year to pay for stimulus packages, TARP funds and the like and NOW we are going to a "pay-go" system?

Mr. Obama, I have some ocean front property in Arizona AND a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell. If you think I buy your ideas of fiscal responsibility then I would like to know if you would like to buy these items from me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

I want to start out with a couple of quotes. The first one is the one I was trying to find, in my last post, by Winston Churchill. The second is by John Adams, one of our Founding Fathers and one of the framers of the Constitution.

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never,--in nothing, great or small, large or petty -- never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

-Winston Churchill

"We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions which are unbridled by morality and true religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

-John Adams

In light of recent events, I think that these two quotes are perfect. I look at the way the three Republicans in the Senate have turned their back on the very things that should be the foundation of any true conservative. The Republicans in the state Congress in Kansas got it right. They didn't give up. They MADE the Democratic Governor submit a BALANCED budget before they passed it. This is what should have happened in the U.S. Senate. The Republicans in the House of Representatives didn't give in. They all voted against this big old spending bill. There are even some governors who are telling the Federal Government "NO" we don't want any of this money. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana, is one of them. I am not sure who all the rest of them are.

This "stimulus" bill was supposed to be what was needed to jump start our economy. Have you seen what the market has done over the past couple of days? It opened today at the same level it was in Oct. 1997. This is the lowest it has been in almost 7 years. I have even read a report that said that $39Billion was supposed to be released in April or May. It was signed into law on Tuesday. There was an urgency that this needed to be passed because we needed to get money into the economy quickly. This isn't very quick.

I have also read a report that we should expect to be in this recession for about 6 or seven YEARS. This makes my head spin. History has shown that recessions usually lasts about 6 or 7 MONTHS. The last time we tried to spend our way out of a recession, we had the Great Depression. It is happening now. 6 or 7 YEARS? Are they serious? You may think that there is no way to go but up, but, as it is looking right now, we are going to head down even more before we make the turn.

Why have we reached this point? Look at the second quote again. Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. Our nation has gone away from what has made us great. It is apparent in the fact that our kids are no longer allowed to pray in most schools. This spending plan even says that colleges cannot receive any money from this plan if they plan to use it on any building that has any type of religious activities. Our King Liberal made it apparent in his first forum as the Democratic nominee. Remember back to the Saddle Back interviews. When asked when life began, he said that it was his belief that life began at conception, but, it wasn't his place to tell a woman how to live her life. Now, granted, I don't want to tell any woman how to live their lives, but, I do believe that life begins at conception and, with some exceptions, that to take that life is immoral.

And, finally, to answer Mellie's question from the comments. The troops are an interesting issue, that is near and dear to my heart. He actually only ever promised to bring the troops out of Iraq. He has contended that we have always needed to keep our concentration on Afghanistan. He, as well as almost every other candidate, actually differentiated between these two. They called them two different wars. I have long contended that they are actually two fronts of the same war. When President G.W. Bush said that he would not allow any country to harbor Al Qaeda, the American people were on board with that. Congress was on board with that, UNANIMOUSLY!! Now, the King Liberal wasn't in the U.S. Senate at the time and he says that he has always been against being in Iraq. That there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until our troops went in their. Now, my opinion is this, it's Al Qaeda. It doesn't matter if they are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, or even Timbuktu. They are still Al Qaeda and this threat needs to be eliminated. Otherwise, they will become strong again and try another attack.

Remember, we must remain strong. We must continue to let people know the truth and how we feel about what is going on. This is what I and many of thousands of other people have sacrificed to allow us to do. It is our right to be able to say what we believe. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves so that we can continue to keep this country the greatest nation on this earth.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Change We Can Believe in...

Remember these words being spouted out for the past 2 yrs? Do you remember who said them? I am sure you do. These are the words that got us our first 1/2 black, 1/2 Caucasian president.

I just have one question. WHERE IS THE CHANGE????

Just a couple of the promises that were spewed out of the King Liberal's mouth for the past 2 yrs. 1) The American public would have at least five days to review any bill that came before Congress before it was passed into law. 2) There would be no more "closed door" meetings.

Well, this afternoon, the King Liberal will sign into law the BIGGEST spending bill in the history of this great country (yes, he continues to make history). This bill was barely written and voted on, on Friday. That makes 4 days since it passed through both houses. Let's not even talk about the fact that our representatives didn't even get the promised 48 hours to review the bill before voting took place. Strike promise #1. It was hashed out between the two houses with NO REPUBLICANS present, or even invited, behind closed doors. Strike promise #2.

I will give it to them, we will get a little bit in tax cuts. It averages about $13 per person per paycheck.

What happened to the transparency that the King Liberal promised? What happened to the big tax cuts that the man promised us?

This is exactly what happens. The Democrats will say anything they think the citizens want to hear to get elected and then go about their business without any concern about what the people want.

I just looked up the vote in the House and Senate on H.R. 1, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It passed the House 246-183 with one Present and 3 not voting. NOT ONE Republican voted for this bill. In fact, six Democrats voted against it. It passed the Senate 60-38 with one (Ted Kennedy) not voting. Of course, Minnesota only has one Senator seated right now because of the issues going on with the results of the election. But, Senators Collins and Snowe of Maine as well as Specter of Pennsylvania, all three so called Republicans, voted for it (no surprise there).

Again, Change we can believe in is to brow beat people into believing that we need to do something, even though doing nothing would be better for the country, until you get enough people from the other side to vote your way so that you can pass some ridiculous legislation that promises to do nothing but put this country further into debt, and guarantee the futures of our children will be spent trying to get us out, and have very little promise to actually stimulate the economy. It also includes the very things that Obama promised us would not happen and the NOT the things he promised would happen.

The last thing I would like to say is mainly to the three so called Republicans that voted for this spending bill, but is something that we all should take to heart. Winston Churchill once said, "we shall never surrender." If something is right in your heart, NEVER SURRENDER.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is the woman that Vogue Magazine has put on the cover with the headline "The First Lady the world has been waiting for."


I know the media seems to have some sort of love affair with these two, but, give me a break. They talk about change, but, then, her husband insists on appointing the very people who worked for Clinton when he was in office. He got upset when people questioned his lack of experience, but then, went on the rampage attacking Sarah Palin for lack of experience when she has much more executive experience than both Obama and Biden put together. He said his wife was off limits when she goes out and says the things that she says in this video. And yes, Whoopi, she said it twice in the same day. Once with the word "really" and one without. Therefore, there was no misunderstanding what she meant. The only time, in her adult life, that she became proud of this country was when her husband had a legitimate chance to become the King Liberal.

We have more information available to us than ever before. Yet, the general population seemed to be the least informed of any in recent history. The average person who voted for Obama seems to think that just because he is President, then all of their individual problems will be solved. They didn't bother to look into what his background was or even listen to the words he was saying. He flat told us that he was going to increase spending and raise taxes.

Now, the lead liberals in Washington (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) have shoved a spending bill, the likes of which this country has never seen, down our throats. Obama says that economists agree that this is the best way to stimulate the economy. Well, 200 economists took out an ad in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal in which they all said that they do not agree with this spending bill. Now, that's agreement. And, once the Senate passed their version of the bill, thanks to the three traitors that call themselves Republicans, the House and Senate began negotiations to bridge the gap between the two versions of the bill. Well, I should say that the Democrats negotiated. The negotiations took place today and it was behind closed doors with NO REPUBLICANS present. That's bipartisan now, isn't it?

Now, to address a comment left by USSRETIRED. This bill doesn't put socialized medicine into law, per se. It's more of a back door. I don't understand why they just couldn't have come forward and tell us what they were doing. They have actually come right out and said almost everything else. They have actually lied about a lot of things, but, they have been up front about the fact that they were going to put us into debt up to our eyeballs. The provision is for their to be a panel or individual of some kind to review whether or not procedures we are getting are necessary. This is just the first step in the government taking over and telling us what kind of medical care we can have. Tom Daschle, the man who was originally picked to be the secretary of Health and Human Services, has even said that people should face the fact that they are getting old insinuating that we should not want procedures that will allow us to enjoy our lives as we get older. This is how they are putting health care into this bill. How it is going to stimulate our economy, I have no idea.

The audacity of these people knows no bounds.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does anybody have a Hand Basket?

Guess where we are going as a country.

The Senate just voted 61-37 on a bill that will cost $838 Billion. That's right, they got three Republicans to vote for it. Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, both Republicans from Maine, and Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania all three voted in favor of this outrages spending bill.

Worse than that, Arlen Specter got on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday and actually said that he was voting for it because it was better than doing nothing even tho he did not believe in massive government spending. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN IT, THEN DON'T VOTE FOR IT!!! It's that simple.

Last night, the King Liberal got on TV for his first press conference. He actually stood up there and flat out lied to the American People. He said that this bill has NO EARMARKS in it. Like I have stated before, I read the whole bill, as it came out of the House, and, except for some tax cuts, there is nothing but earmarks in this bill. That's all it is. The Democrats have all said that we can't just throw a bunch of money at this problem and expect it to get fixed. Well, what are they doing now?

This is another good time for me to make the plug that I make from time to time about the Fair Tax. This is a plan that would stimulate the economy. Again, it is a consumption tax. It would create a favorable tax advantage for companies to have operations in the USA. If they don't have to pay payroll taxes, then it would be advantageous for almost every company in the world to keep people employed here. People would be able to keep every bit of their income. Every household would also get a check each and every month to cover the taxes that would be collected up to the poverty level for their household. We already are paying about 22% of every dollar we spend to cover the taxes that the company that produces the products has to pay. If we get to keep the 20-30% (depending on our bracket) that the government takes out of our paychecks to begin with, it will more than make up for the 1% more we will have to pay when we buy something new.

Imagine it. No more income tax. No more IRS. No more of these complicated tax laws that the people in Washington, the King Liberal included, like to manipulate in order to garner our votes. No more having to worry about April 15. It would become just another day. Or maybe, we could make it another Federal Holiday to commemorate the follies of our past.

What a wonderful world that would be.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Some people will say that we have to respect Barrack Obama because he is the President of the United States.

I say, I don't have to respect the man just because he is the President of the United States of America. I do respect the office of the President. I respect the fact that the majority of people, who voted in the last election, decided that Barrack Obama was the best man for the job of President.

What I don't have to respect is the fact that the majority of the people who seem to think that this man is best for this country are, for the most part, a bunch of misinformed people who wouldn't have the foggiest idea what is involved in running this country or the sacrifice and price that has been paid to make this country great. Most of the rest are a bunch of people looking for a hand out and someone else to fix their problems instead of accepting the fact that the majority of the reasons they are in the situation they are in is because of their own actions (or inactions). They think the Government owes them something. They refuse to go out and earn their own way.

Another thing I don't have to respect is someone who speaks to the public without being prepared to answer the questions that are posed. In his first week in office, he signed an executive order to have Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility closed within a year. He has no plan as to what to do with the detainees that are housed there. When he signed this order, he did it in front of a bunch of cameras and was asked questions. Just about every question he looked to his counsel (attorney) for the right answers. He was not prepared to answer any questions about this. This, to me, was a testament to his lack of experience and his not being ready to lead this country.

The last thing that I am going to say is that I do not have to respect a "stimulus" bill that is designed to shove a bunch of spending down our throats that truly has very little chance of stimulating the economy. A bill that will put our futures, the future of our children and grand-children so far in debt that they will not know which way is up. Our the hypocrisy of saying that this is a bi-partisan bill when the only involvement with the Republicans came after the bill was introduced and then, it was only to try and convince them that this was the right way to go. It truly wasn't to try and work out a compromise. Otherwise, the bill that passed through the House would not have been worth $825 Billion. This President would not have to travel around the country and convince the 63% of the people who don't agree with this bill.

So, long story short, I respect the office of the President of the United States of America. I DO NOT respect the man who fills the position at this time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

They do like trying to scare us.

This is the tactic that the Democrats have been using for many, many years. They started back with the Great Depression. That's how FDR got the New Deal passed. It was a massive spending bill that lengthened the Great Depression many more years than it needed to be.

In more recent times, in the '70's, we were supposed to be heading into the next Ice Age. Now, it's Global Warming, the economy, and anything else they can use to scare us into believing that they have all the answers.

Well, guess what. They don't. Nobody does. All anyone can do is the best they can. But, the Government can't spend our way out of this economic recession. I don't understand why, even though it has been proven time and time again, they can't seem to get it through their thick skulls. Japan tried it eight times in the '90's. We tried it in the '30's. Neither time it worked. Every other countries markets follow ours. They have even put a clause in this bill that will mandate that everything that is used in carrying out this bill will be made in the USA. This has upset the leaders of many European nations as a threat to free trade.

This is what we will get if the Government starts to impede into our lives economically. The same thing that is happening right now to the banks. President Obama, in case you hadn't heard yet, has set a limit on what executives can be paid to $500,000. Now, don't get me wrong, I agree that some of the luxury trips and stuff like that are a bit over the top, especially for companies that have received money from the Government to stay in business. However, if a company is limited on the amount of money they can pay someone, then, they will not be able to hire the best people. They will continue to have to depend on the Federal Government to stay in business.

I thought it would be the Chinese or some other country that would attack us through our economy. The Democrats are doing it. They are trying to buy their way into impeding on our freedoms. They are using scare tactics to do it. They are telling us that the situation is dire, and that the Federal Government has to take action now. Well, the country isn't going to stop working if the Government doesn't do anything. As a matter of fact, the free market will survive. It always does. It does correct itself at times. Shoot, the Democrats can't even talk intelligently about this. Nancy Pelosi has stated that the country is losing 500,000,000 jobs a month. That's right, 500 MILLION. According to her, nobody in America should be working.

One thing I have been glad to see over the past couple of weeks is that the people of this Great Nation are getting fed up with this anti-"stimulus" bill. The approval rating for it has gone down to about 38%. Even some of the Senators are reporting that their phones are getting clogged with people calling them to tell them how fed up they are with it.

This is what should be happening. After all, the people in Washington, DC do still work for us.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Below is a picture of Al Gore addressing Congress about man made Global Warming.

You may ask, "Why is he posting a picture of this man?". It is because he is the Head Honcho in trying to pass along this fear of our world warming to the point that we will all burn up. Well, here is a picture of what it looked like in Washington the day he addressed Congress. As well as a map of what the average temperatures have been doing in the USA.

Now, as you can plainly see, we TOTALLY have a problem with Global Warming(sarcasm intended). In fact, it was recently discovered that NASA, yes the astronaut people, who also has been tasked with monitoring the temperatures of the earth, when they reported that October 2008 was the hottest October on record, it was actually the September 2008 numbers that they were reporting. It has also been recently reported (and you know you didn't hear this in the main stream media) that the Arctic Sea Ice growth finished 2008 at the same level they did in 1979. The Oceans have actually been cooling since 2003 (no matter what the King Liberal says). Greenland's glaciers are stabilizing. Alaskan Sea Glaciers are moving for the first time in 250 yrs. Right now, we have several thousand people without power in Kentucky and the surrounding states because of a massive winter storm.
When are people going to wake up and realize that Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever you want to call it, is not man made and there is nothing we can do about it!!! It is part of the regular cycle of the earth. Now, don't get me wrong, there are things that we should be doing, such as recycling and such, but, only because it is the responsible thing to do, NOT because it is something that needs to be done to save the earth. AND, we should have the FREEDOM to do it if we please or not to do it if we please.
Look at the pictures again, and ask yourself this question, "why is it that every time Al Gore speaks to a group of lawmakers, it looks like the second picture outside?"
I am just wondering about it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have to make a correction. Yesterday I said that the person the King Liberal was nominating for Secretary of Commerce was a Senator from Vermont.

It is actually Senator Gregg from New Hampshire. However, the rest of what I posted was correct. NH has a Democrat Governor who will likely choose a Democrat to replace Mr. Gregg.

I do apologize for my mistake.