Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buckle Up. It's going to be a bumpy ride

I watched the King Liberal's speech last night. I have a few things to say about what he said.

However, first, I want to say about what Katie Couric said at the beginning. As the Assembly was waiting for the President to make his way to the podium, there stood Nancy Pelosi, The Speaker of the House, and Joe Biden, President of the Senate, and Katie Couric spouted out "This is a historic moment. We have the nations first black president, a female Speaker of the House, and there is the white guy." Now, if any of the roles had been reversed, she would lose her job!

Now, down to the nitty gritty.

I was surprised that he didn't use the word crisis more. I only counted three, but, might have missed one or two. Either way, it wasn't alot. He laid out quite a few things that he wishes to accomplish. He says that the three things that are high on his priority list are Energy, health care, and education. I will get to that a little bit more later.

He didn't come right out and blame Bush for the economic situation, but, he sure did pile it on and anyone who was actually listening knew he was. He said that the banks and lenders pushed bad mortgages on people. He said that the surplus that Bush inherited became a holiday for the rich and an opportunity for the wealthy to gather more wealth. About the only thing he got right in this part of his speech was that we have piled on more debt than ever before and that we need to "take boldly, the responsibilities of our future."

As far as the surplus, our nation was attacked and thrown into a war that has cost. A LOT. He continues to say two wars. Read past posts to find out how I feel about that. As far as the mortgage situation, it was Clinton who declared that everyone has a right to own a home. It was Clinton's administration that put into practice quotas for mortgage companies essentially telling them who they had to lend to. It was ACORN, that community activist group that Obama used to work for, who would threaten banks if they didn't lend to people who couldn't afford the home to begin with. The banks came up with these types of loans so that they could meet the quotas and keep out of court due to the federal regulations that they were supposed to follow. Then came Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They continued to encourage this process and guaranteed loans that the banks knew were bad to begin with. Now, I am not saying that the banks are blameless, but, there was a lot of pressure for them to continue the bad lending practices that led to the current mortgage mess. Let's not forget, that as far back as 2001, the government was warned that this is where we were headed. John McCain even brought it up before the Senate and was told that it was nothing but a lynching and that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were just fine by Democrats.

He says that this "stimulus" plan will create 3.5 million jobs. 90% in the private sector. I read the thing and would like to know where the jobs are. All this thing is doing is growing government to the largest it has ever been. It is trying to increase our dependency on them so that they can keep their jobs and continue to tell us what to do. He said the oversight for this bill will be led by Joe Biden, because, "nobody messes with Joe." He also said that everyone who gets money from this bill will be accountable to him. He is going to be one busy man. As if he didn't already have enough on his plate.

He is going to take over the banking systems. He is going to start a new lending fund for auto loans, student loans and small business loans. MORE MONEY SPENT. He is also going to go into the banks and force the changes that need to be made. If that's not nationalizing the banking system, I don't know what is. He says no more money for redecorating, private jets, and padding private accounts. I say, if a bank is international, then it may be in their best interest to have a private jet to be able to get to the places that they need to go to operate their business. And, why should the government be telling them yes or no anyway.

As far as energy goes, he said that we need clean, renewable energy. What is renewable energy anyway? But, he said we will double the supply within the next three years so that we can make progress on "Climate Change". He is going to make good on his promise to put the coal industry out of business by putting market base caps on carbon emissions. And promises to invest $15Billion in this avenue. MORE OF OUR MONEY!!

He said that the Auto industry must stop the bad practices that has led them to where they are. Here's an idea. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT KEEP OUT!! Let the companies build the cars they know the American people want instead of trying to tell them what kind of cars the government wants them to make. Stop allowing the unions to have so much power. The unions and federal government are what put these companies into the situation they are in today.

Health care. He has already taken the first step in nationalizing health care by implementing a board that will decide if medical treatments are necessary. He wants to have electronic health records. I am pretty sure they are already there. He just wants to centralize them. And, he is going to convene another panel for health care reform next week. We'll see how that goes.

Education. He told us that dropping out was not only quitting on ourselves, but, it was quitting on your country. He wants to ensure that every child has access to a complete education and reform the schools. He wants to ensure that the US has the highest college graduation in the world by 2020. Supports rewards for teachers who meet measures of success. Whose definition are we talking about here? And what is the bar that defines success? He also said that education has to start at home. With the parents. I believe Bill Cosby once said this and got ridiculed for it. The King Liberal got a standing ovation.

Finally, he said that he passed a recovery bill with NO EARMARKS and doesn't want to pass on a debt that our children cannot pay. Both lies. The bill is nothing but earmarks and he is already talking about bills worth about $1.4TRILLION and that is before interest. He says he will cut the deficit in 1/2 by the end of his first term. Is this the deficit at the time he took office or after he passes all of these spending bills? He wants to cut weapons systems that we don't use. Last time I checked, if it is a DEFENSIVE system, we don't want to use it. These are the things he is talking about cutting.

He did say that he wants to raise pay for the military and increase veterans benefits and increase the size of the military. This is the majority of the money we spend on the military already and he has already said that he wants to cut the military budget.

Now, Boby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, gave the rebuttal. It could all be summed up in a quote from the GREAT Ronald Regan, "Let us resolve to stop spreading dependency and start spreading opportunity. Stop spreading bondage and start spreading freedom." Jindal said that "the strength of America is NOT found in government, but, in the American people." It is time to empower the people by allowing them to keep more of what they earn and decide what is best for themselves.

The government is not the answer. They never have been. Every time in our history that they have increased their reach into our lives, there have been dire consequences. Let the American people do the things that we do best. WE CAN DO ANYTHING.

Overall, between getting a kick out of the spring that Nancy Pelosi was on and laughing at how battered and beaten Hillary Clinton looks, the speech was nothing but a bunch of hot air. The only problem is, he has the means to make us ingest all of the crap that he has in his head.

So, buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


Busy Texas Dee said...

I know the majority of "the people" voted for him but isn't there a way we could get him impeached already. And not to mention his staff as well. And you got it right if someone else had made the comment that Nancy P. did then they would be fired. But of course no one will do anything about it. And yes unless everyone realizes what a load of crap he is feeding us then we will be in for a bumpy ride to say the least.

Miss Hope said...

Katie Couric made that slur at the beginning, Dina. We even rewound it to make sure we heard it right.

Miss Hope said...

Nancy P. had a spring in her butt that kept her from sitting in her chair. I don't even think she was listening to what O was saying...she just wanted to jump up and down and clap.

One newscaster this morning made the comment that Nancy P's botox was fresh last night...she was so "smooth" looking.

Okay...catty comments done.

Krys72599 said...

Dang, I can't believe I missed Katie's comments! I hate her so when I turned the TV on and she was there, I turned to another station...
This morning, on the radio, "they" said that BO/KL is presenting his budget to Congress today.
And that it includes $250 billion dollars for the financial industry.
Another $250 billion. bail.them.out.
What is the first trillion or two going to do???

The Man on the Edge said...

Miss Krys,
I would have rather watched on Fox News, but, with the boy going to bed later, we had the TV paused and didn't catch back up in time. So, I had to watch it on CBS.