Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does anybody have a Hand Basket?

Guess where we are going as a country.

The Senate just voted 61-37 on a bill that will cost $838 Billion. That's right, they got three Republicans to vote for it. Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, both Republicans from Maine, and Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania all three voted in favor of this outrages spending bill.

Worse than that, Arlen Specter got on Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday and actually said that he was voting for it because it was better than doing nothing even tho he did not believe in massive government spending. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN IT, THEN DON'T VOTE FOR IT!!! It's that simple.

Last night, the King Liberal got on TV for his first press conference. He actually stood up there and flat out lied to the American People. He said that this bill has NO EARMARKS in it. Like I have stated before, I read the whole bill, as it came out of the House, and, except for some tax cuts, there is nothing but earmarks in this bill. That's all it is. The Democrats have all said that we can't just throw a bunch of money at this problem and expect it to get fixed. Well, what are they doing now?

This is another good time for me to make the plug that I make from time to time about the Fair Tax. This is a plan that would stimulate the economy. Again, it is a consumption tax. It would create a favorable tax advantage for companies to have operations in the USA. If they don't have to pay payroll taxes, then it would be advantageous for almost every company in the world to keep people employed here. People would be able to keep every bit of their income. Every household would also get a check each and every month to cover the taxes that would be collected up to the poverty level for their household. We already are paying about 22% of every dollar we spend to cover the taxes that the company that produces the products has to pay. If we get to keep the 20-30% (depending on our bracket) that the government takes out of our paychecks to begin with, it will more than make up for the 1% more we will have to pay when we buy something new.

Imagine it. No more income tax. No more IRS. No more of these complicated tax laws that the people in Washington, the King Liberal included, like to manipulate in order to garner our votes. No more having to worry about April 15. It would become just another day. Or maybe, we could make it another Federal Holiday to commemorate the follies of our past.

What a wonderful world that would be.


Krys72599 said...

There's a little local paper out in the boondocks where our lake house is. The guy who runs it is a die-hard conservative/Republican/anti-Democrat (pick one!).
His suggestion is to allow more real life tax deductions. For example, if you spend $6000 on new siding for your house, you can deduct double that- $6000 this year AND $6000 next year. And this would apply to all legitimate home improvements. Imagine, he says, how many people would actually invest in their homes, imagine all the construction workers who would go back to work, imagine the money that would find its way back into the economy as supplies were purchased, jobs were created, and people began to earn money and spend money. The unemployment rate would certainly come down some.
Now, of COURSE this doesn't SOLVE the problem; it's one man's idea.
But some guy in the back woods of NJ could come up with something that would benefit the people and the economy but Congress can't.
Do you get Mark Levin down there in GA? If you do, you HAVE to listen to him on the radio. Last night I thought he'd have himself another heart attack. I wasn't able to listen to him while BO was speaking but Mark was going to leave his mike open, listen to BO and comment at the same time. Oh, would I have loved to listen to that!!!