Monday, February 23, 2009



Now, I know that I am one of the last people who should be saying anything about fiscal responsibility, but, there was a "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" today at the White House. The King Liberal basically got up there and said that we were going to go to a "pay-go" system much like what happened under Clinton. We will no longer spend money that we don't have. We will only spend as much money as we take in.

Who is he kidding? He just signed into law a bill that is going to cost the Federal Government approximately $800BILLION, and that is just the face value. By the time we end up paying for all of this it is going to cost more than $1.2TRILLION. We don't have this money, but, we are spending it. He has also announced an idea to help people who are in danger of losing their houses stay in the homes that they shouldn't have been able to afford to begin with by telling the lenders that they have to renegotiate the mortgages so that the borrower will fall into a lower debt-income ratio. This will cost the United States about $275BILLION. We don't have the money for that either.

We have borrowed or printed money to the sum of over $2TRILLION over the past year to pay for stimulus packages, TARP funds and the like and NOW we are going to a "pay-go" system?

Mr. Obama, I have some ocean front property in Arizona AND a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell. If you think I buy your ideas of fiscal responsibility then I would like to know if you would like to buy these items from me.


Miss Hope said...

Tell us how you really feel, Honey!

Busy Texas Dee said...

That's a good one. I have some ocean front property in Arizona as well. We could all use the money. As you said the US doesn't have the money to spend but we are spending it anyway. But yet they expect us (We The People) to spend within our means. So isn't that kinda hipocritical? And yet the prices for everything are going up but the wages aren't so how can we spend within our means? As for the people who are about to loose their property should they have qualified for the morgages in the first place. And if you think about it then the government does help people out of financial difficulties it's called "Bankrupcy" and if people would really check into it then they would realize that they won't loose their property if they file. They just put you on a budget and help you spend within your means. So why put the economy further in debt? It's just going to hurt us and our children later on.