Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is the woman that Vogue Magazine has put on the cover with the headline "The First Lady the world has been waiting for."


I know the media seems to have some sort of love affair with these two, but, give me a break. They talk about change, but, then, her husband insists on appointing the very people who worked for Clinton when he was in office. He got upset when people questioned his lack of experience, but then, went on the rampage attacking Sarah Palin for lack of experience when she has much more executive experience than both Obama and Biden put together. He said his wife was off limits when she goes out and says the things that she says in this video. And yes, Whoopi, she said it twice in the same day. Once with the word "really" and one without. Therefore, there was no misunderstanding what she meant. The only time, in her adult life, that she became proud of this country was when her husband had a legitimate chance to become the King Liberal.

We have more information available to us than ever before. Yet, the general population seemed to be the least informed of any in recent history. The average person who voted for Obama seems to think that just because he is President, then all of their individual problems will be solved. They didn't bother to look into what his background was or even listen to the words he was saying. He flat told us that he was going to increase spending and raise taxes.

Now, the lead liberals in Washington (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid) have shoved a spending bill, the likes of which this country has never seen, down our throats. Obama says that economists agree that this is the best way to stimulate the economy. Well, 200 economists took out an ad in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal in which they all said that they do not agree with this spending bill. Now, that's agreement. And, once the Senate passed their version of the bill, thanks to the three traitors that call themselves Republicans, the House and Senate began negotiations to bridge the gap between the two versions of the bill. Well, I should say that the Democrats negotiated. The negotiations took place today and it was behind closed doors with NO REPUBLICANS present. That's bipartisan now, isn't it?

Now, to address a comment left by USSRETIRED. This bill doesn't put socialized medicine into law, per se. It's more of a back door. I don't understand why they just couldn't have come forward and tell us what they were doing. They have actually come right out and said almost everything else. They have actually lied about a lot of things, but, they have been up front about the fact that they were going to put us into debt up to our eyeballs. The provision is for their to be a panel or individual of some kind to review whether or not procedures we are getting are necessary. This is just the first step in the government taking over and telling us what kind of medical care we can have. Tom Daschle, the man who was originally picked to be the secretary of Health and Human Services, has even said that people should face the fact that they are getting old insinuating that we should not want procedures that will allow us to enjoy our lives as we get older. This is how they are putting health care into this bill. How it is going to stimulate our economy, I have no idea.

The audacity of these people knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying that for me. JD hasn't had the time needed to research it like he wanted to and it was basically a statement that, as I pointed out before, I had "heard" on one of the talk radio shows but didn't catch the full details.

To be quite honest, this whole mess just worries me to no end. I fear for the future of my parents who are getting on up in age and for my daughter who still has a lifetime ahead of her.

Krys72599 said...
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Krys72599 said...

Up here in NJ we get all the NY news so this morning, this is what I hear: Chuck Schumer, esteemed NY senator (and I use the term "esteemed" VERY loosely!), has announced that we, the American people, really don't care about all that pork in the stimulus package.
Hey, Fred, do you care? Do your readers care?
I care.
My head is about to explode off my shoulders!!!