Friday, March 6, 2009

My Soap Box

I heard something this morning that just really stuck in my craw. It was about that big spending bill that the Democrats (and three Republican Senators) are calling "stimulus". It seems that there is a provision in the bill that would do away with the voucher system. In case you don't know, the voucher system allows parents (who would not otherwise be able to afford it) to send their children to schools that are outside their school district or even to private schools. Now, what I heard this morning was that it is affecting the King Liberal's children. It seems that there are some children in their classes that are at that private school because of the voucher system.

A spokesperson for the White House yesterday said that Washington, D.C. was a special case. Basically, telling the rest of us, that those people who happen to live in Washington, D.C. are deserve better than the rest of us.

There is also a piece of legislation that will allow Washington, D.C. to have a seat in the Senate. Now, forgive me for a moment, but, the Founding Fathers of this country purposely set aside the District of Columbia as a non-state because it was supposed to be neutral from the states. Sort of like our own little Switzerland. This administration and Congress seem hell bent on defying the very foundation upon which this country was formed.

Now, here is what I propose (I will admit, that I heard this elsewhere, but, upon further research, have decided that this is actually a very good idea). What we need is to form a Constitutional Convention of the States. This Convention should have three things on its agenda.

1) We need to repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment provides for the US Senators to be elected by popular vote. This was not the intention of the Constitution. The main body of the Constitution says that Senators are elected by the State Legislatures, and, if there is a vacancy (i.e. resignation, death, etc.) the replacement is elected by the State Legislature. The whole problem with the Illinois Senate seat vacated by the King Liberal would have been avoided because the Governor would not have had to make the choice, unless the Legislature was on recess, and then it would have only been temporary. What the Senate was meant for was to be a representation of the State Governments, not the people directly.

2) We need to repeal the 16th Amendment. This is the amendment that put the IRS in business. It allows the federal government to levy taxes on income, regardless of the source. There is even some people who agree that it was never ratified properly, but, putting that aside, we need to get rid of it. The current tax rules make up over 67,000 pages of text. No wonder no one understands it. This alone will cause so much stimulation to our economy that there would be no stopping it. The United States would be the most favorable place to due business so businesses from other countries would be banging down our doors to get in. People would be able to keep all of the money they work hard to earn. They would be able to invest without being afraid of being in a higher tax bracket. People would be able to save and send their children to whatever schools they decide.

3) The last thing that would need to be addressed is setting term limits on members of the House of Representatives. This would allow us to avoid career politicians who have no real contact with their constituents from staying in Washington and passing laws that the people don't want. It would make them have to get out and find out what we really want.

Now, no amendment to the Constitution has ever been passed this way. It has always come from the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government. But, it is written into the Constitution, so, it is a very viable option. None of these things will ever get through the legislature, so, we will need to do this on our own. We need to contact our State Representatives to do this. We need 38 states to say yes to these three things. That's all. Then it would be done and the yahoos who sit in their comfy seats in Washington would have nothing to say about it. It is time to take back OUR government. Stop letting them slowly take away our freedoms.

If this government is allowed to continue down the road they are traveling, we will lose everything that has made this country great. We will no longer be able to enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted. All of the sacrifice of the brave men and women who gave their lives and sacrificed to defend this country would go right on down the toilet.


Busy Texas Dee said...

I agree with you 100 percent. "We the PEOPLE" need to take back the control we had at the begining. And as far as the voucher system for our children to go to good schools is a very good idea. If it weren't for that my daughter would never have gotten into the private school she did when we lived in Las Vegas. I think it's great because it also helps the children learn what it takes to earn something. Way too many of the chlidren these days are spoiled like you wouldn't believe and that's because they don't know what it means to "EARN" something.