Monday, May 25, 2009


I know I haven't been blogging regularly. Give me another week to finish my classwork. Then, I will have more time, even though I will be knee deep in finding a job.

I have been keeping track of everything that is going on. However, even though this blog has taken on a very political theme, and, I do have several thoughts that I will be putting down very soon, I wanted to take a moment to recognize Memorial Day.

This is one very important holiday to me. I know that it has gotten to the point that Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer for most people, but, to me, it is still about what it was meant to be. A time to remember those great Americans who have given their lives in defense of this country and our way of life.

Now, being active duty (soon to be retired) military, I appreciate the thank-you's and the recognition for my service, which, by the way, has been one of the greatest pleasures I have known, this holiday is not about me, the men and women who are serving now, or those who have served and are home to enjoy the fruits of their service. It is about those who never came back to their earthly home. Those whom we owe our very lives to because they gave theirs for ours.

So, if you read this, please take the time to thank the Good Lord above (no matter how you choose to address or worship Him) for those men and women who have given their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have, live the lives we live, and have the opportunities we have to make a better life for ourselves and our families.

I, for one, am extremely grateful for the opportunity these men and women have given me to serve this great country and you, the citizens who live here.

So, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. Enjoy your day, as I am sure that those who we are remembering would want you to.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I saw a commercial the other day. It basically blamed the insurance companies for the cost of health care getting so high. It said that we already have the answer that everyone can turn to. MEDICARE. Can you believe that? It said that Medicare was the answer to the current cost of health care and the fact that a growing number of people seem to be going without health care.

The next morning, I heard a report that said that Medicare would be broke about four years earlier than they were predicting before. And now, the new administration is pushing Congress to come up with some legislation to reform this country's health care system.

I got a letter from Senator Jim DeMint the other day that pretty much sums up everything that I feel about this.

May 14, 2009
Dear Friend,

It is now clear that Congress and the president’s top priority for 2009 is health care reform.

Since the collapse of Hillary-Care in 1994, Democrats have been working to re-plan and re-package a government takeover of your health insurance.

This year, they’re hoping to get their chance. Last month, Senator Ted Kennedy offered a glimpse of what they have in mind when called for the creation an optional, "public health insurance plan, where coverage is provided in the public interest."

That may sound nice, but in one sentence, it describes everything that is wrong with a government take-over of American health care.

Health care, by definition, can’t be provided in the public interest because no doctor has ever seen "the public." Doctors see patients: one at a time, providing personal care in the patient’s interest only.

Now, if you listen to the ongoing debate about health care reform, you hear a common theme, especially from those who favor a government take-over.

They talk a lot more about costs than they do about care. Only here’s the thing: the government is the reason that costs are spiraling out of control now. Government now covers 100 million Americans, and costs are exploding. Under the proposed takeover, 130 million more will be added to government health programs. How can they expect to get costs under control by doubling the government’s role in health care?

The answer is by rationing care. If government wants to cover 230 million Americans and bring down costs, the only way it can possibly do it is denying care to people whose health care is deemed – you guessed it – not in the public interest.

Under similar schemes in Canada and Great Britain, people wait weeks to see their doctors, months to see specialists, and years to get routine procedures and treatments. High-tech tests and breakthrough medicines are off-limits because the government decides – in the public interest – that they are too expensive.

When the late actress Natasha Richardson suffered her skiing accident in Canada this spring, the hospital didn’t have an MRI machine. The doctors never knew her injuries were life-threatening… until it was too late.

That’s how a government take-over of your health care will try to get costs under control: cheap, outdated treatments, long waiting lists, and low-tech hospitals. It won’t take long before families realize the true costs of such a plan aren’t counted in dollars and sense.

Instead of the government-controlled "public option," we should move toward a "personal option," where we help individuals and families buy and own their own health insurance plan that no government can ever take-over or take away.

Health care is personal and private. It should be administered by doctors and nurses in their patient’s interest, not the interests of politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.

Because never forget: any law that empowers government to provide health care in the public interest implicitly empowers government to deny it for the same reason.

I plan to play a big part in the health care debate this summer, and my website will be a clearinghouse for information about the issue as it develops. Feel free to check in often, as new content will be added every week. And to help you stay informed, I’ll be in touch frequently as the health care and other debates move forward.

Thanks very much, and God bless.

Jim DeMint
U.S. Senator, South Carolina

And then, to top all of this off, Nancy Pelosi's true colors have been coming out lately. She is a lying, coniving woman who will do anything to try and keep her position and her power. She has blatently come out and said that everyone has lied to her when she is the one who has changed her story. Over and over again. Since she is third in line to the President, she has an obligation to know the things that she at first said she didn't know about. Then, she was briefed but didn't realize that she didn't realize that the techniques were already in use.

Now, either she is lying, which, by the way, there are at least three witnesses that says she is, or she is as incompitent as the king liberal. I mean, how else do you explain putting the safety of the men and women in uniform, as well as every red blooded American, in jepordy by exposing the techniques used to get information that has saved so many lives. Now, if our Navy Seals and other Special Forces can go through this treatment as part of their training, how can it be torture?

We need to get out and vote next year and turn the tables to ensure that the king liberal stays in check and doesn't go and change our country into something that we don't recognize. He is already well on his way. He has taken over the banking industry and the automotive industry. He is now turning his sights on the whole financial industry. Trying to think of ways in which he can impose salary caps on the entire financial industry.

This is not America. No one person is supposed to have enough power to tell people how much money they can make. Or be able to tell companies how much they can pay. This country was founded on the freedoms of the individual with limited power to the government. The Democrats have completely turned it around the other way and we are headed down a path that will change America. It was founded on the Free Market system, where you can make as much money as people were willing to pay you for your goods and/or services.

We need to take this country back!