Monday, June 22, 2009

Concentration at Home

I know that a lot has been made of the happenings over in Iran over their elections. The current regime has even shot a few people who are protesting the election. And, now, Iran has finally admitted that there are some irregularities. Such as, more votes in over 50 cities than actual number of voters in those cities. The Internet and the news is chock full of videos and pictures of the mayhem that ensues over there.

But, here on the home front, there is a fight going on. A fight for us to keep our individual rights and freedoms. A fight against hypocrisy. A fight for the very way of life that many people have given their lives to defend.

Now, I know that the things that are going on in Iran are an all out assault on freedom, but, if we look away for too long, our freedoms will be gone as well.

Two years ago, the king liberal, who was then a senator, co-sponsored a bill that would require a president to give 30 days notice and a reason, in writing, to Congress to fire an Inspector General. Now, he has gone totally against this LAW to fire Gerald Walpin, the IG for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). This company oversees and distributes billions of federal dollars to many charitable organizations. Mr. Walpin is being fired after investigating misuse of funds by an organization that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is involved in. Mr. Johnson happens to be a very staunch supporter of the king liberal himself. The reason that was given, only after Senators held to the law and demanded a reason, was that Mr. Walpin was "incoherent and appeared to be disoriented" during a meeting held back in May. I mean, heck, Mr. Walpin was even asked to speak at a conference this week (he got uninvited after all this happened). The very same conference that Mrs. king liberal spoke at yesterday.
And, talk about coincidence.....Mrs. king liberals' ex-chief-of-staff, Jackie Norris, has been assigned as a "senior advisor" at CNCS. Now tell me she had nothing to do with firing Mr. Walpin.
Add to this the fact that the Democrats are trying to shove so much debt down our throats that we will have no choice except to be a socialist country, and this country is in more trouble than anyone could have thought. I mean, the so called "stimulus" bill that was passed in January even punished some of the people that were on food stamps because it raised the amount of welfare that they received, therefore, making them ineligible for food stamps. This is the kind of thing that happens when no one has a chance to read the legislation (as was promised) before they are forced to vote on it. Oh, yes, and don't forget about the 150,000 or so jobs that have actually been saved or created by this "stimulus". Unemployment has gone up by an average of approx. 500,000 per month since the passing of this bill, so, in reality, we are still in the negative by quite a bit.

Let's not forget about "Health Care Reform". This is just another way for these people to grab more power. The bill that was originally introduced, by the king liberal, was going to cost about $1TRILLION and only provide coverage for about 16 Million people. The estimate is that there are about 40 Million people without coverage. By the way, there is already a National Health Care program. It's called Medicare/Medicaid. The government has so mis-managed this program that it is predicted that it is going to run out of money during our lifetime. Are these the people we want telling us what kind of medical care we can get? I think not.

There are two states that are in grave danger of going bankrupt. California and New York. And, yet, the Speaker of the House is that lying, traitorous Nancy Pelosi, from California. And, Barbara Boxer, a Senator from California, thinks so highly of herself, that she actually attacked a General who was testifying for calling her "Ma'am" instead of Senator, a title that she thinks she has worked hard to earn. Now, on this point, I have to agree with Neal Boortz who went on a 10 minute tirade about who in that room actually "earned" their title. But, these are the people who are trying to tell us what we need to do as a country. They are from a state that is in financially in crisis and they want to make our federal government like their state government. What kind of sense does that make?

Remember when Joe Biden said that there was going to be a crisis to test the mettle of this guy (Obama)? Well, I think that between Iran and North Korea, we could be facing that crisis. However, it may also prove to be the perfect distraction the king liberal needs to get his Health Care agenda passed while we aren't looking. I don't mean to say that we shouldn't concern ourselves with the violence that is going on in Iran, or the very real threat that North Korea poses, but, we must be careful not to forget about the threat that our country faces domestically as well.


Krys72599 said...

Thank you for your thoughts and for putting them into words.