Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alright, I have been pretty quiet lately. Mainly because I have just been getting madder and madder at what is going on up in Washington, D.C. But, after seeing everything that is going on, I can not stay silent any longer.

I had actually planned on blogging about health care, but, I will save that one for another day while I finish getting all my thoughts together on that subject.

Meanwhile, I found this video over at MsUnderestimated. I did a little research and found most of the same stuff that Glenn Beck and Phil Kerpen are talking about. I encourage you to watch the video, but, I will break it down.

The Apollo Alliance is an organization whose goals, as found at Wikipedia seem to be well intentioned. However, the whole basis for the foundation of the Apollo Alliance is pure evil. They are looking to take over the entire economic structure of this country. It is purely a left wing, socialist organization. Van Jones, who just so happens to be the GREEN Jobs Czar for the king liberal, is a self proclaimed COMMUNIST. He also happens to be on the steering committee for the Apollo Alliance.

This organization is designed to combine the Labor movement (unions) with the Green Movement and Social Justice. I will have to admit, that one of the very reasons why some of these organizations aren't already in charge of things is because there are so many and the special interests of each individual group is limiting. However, the Apollo Alliance is designed to bring them all together for one common goal under one umbrella. Can you imagine if the likes of ACORN, the SEIU and Greenpeace all are on the same agenda? We are in a world of hurt.

Why is all of this important to you and me? Well, many people have been talking alot about how our very Constitution is under attack. How our very freedom and liberty is under attack. This is how they are doing it. Neal Boortz has said many times that the environmental movement was something that really gained power after we flushed out all of the communists in this country and left them little hope of really ever having any power. They all turned into environmentalists. This is the vehicle that they are using to get us to do what THEY think is right. This Apollo Alliance is living proof. They helped write that $800BILLION stimulus bill that never had a prayer's of a chance to stimulate anything other than the government and all of their selfish political agendas of gaining more power over you and me.

This is what we are up against. A leader who appoints tax cheats, proven unethical people, and even communists to help make policy about our lives. On top of that, we have other elected officials who really are proving that they don't care one iota about us or what we think. They are going to continue down the road and tell us that they have our best interests in mind, when all they want is to stay in power.

We need to take back this country. We need to get back on the track where people who work hard are rewarded and those who don't will soon learn that they need to. We also need to get the government OUT OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES and return back to a time when the elected truly do work for the governed.


Krys72599 said...

From your lips to God's (and the voters') ears!!!