Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alright, as promised, I am going to weigh in on this Health Care issue. I had actually intended to write this a few days ago, however, some things came up and I wasn't able to get to a place to truly do this justice, so, here it goes.

I am happy about two things with the monstrosity that the king liberal is trying to pass off as Health Care Reform. The first is the fact that it didn't get the chance to be rammed through Congress. There was enough opposition from BOTH sides to stop it. The second thing is the fact that America is starting to truly speak out. It isn't just behind the scenes and in polls anymore. There are people showing up at the town hall meetings all across the country and telling the politicians how they truly feel about the health care issue. Not only that, they are starting to get under the skin of the liberals.

Nancy Pelosi has even gone as far as saying that people are showing up brandishing swastikas. Several other Democrats have accused these American citizens of being part of an organized effort led by anybody from Rush Limbaugh to the insurance companies. They just can't stand the idea that people have actually read this thing and are not going to just roll over and let them take over. As a matter of fact, one person that has been said to be one of the leaders has been identified as someone who actually has a facebook page with something like 15 friends and a twitter page with about 5 followers. And, the king liberal himself has even said that they need to hit back twice as hard. I wonder if he intended the violence that happened in Tampa Bay when he said that. It seems that a Democratic official actually slapped someone at a town hall meeting.

So, what is everyone getting all worked up over? No matter what the king liberal and all of his cronies tell us, if this bill gets signed into law, we will have to be on a government approved health plan withing 5 yrs. This, of course, means that we will NOT get to keep our current health insurance like Obama says. Also, this bill provides for you to get counseling about your "end-of-life" care. There are also many cuts to Medicare. You combine all of this together, and you get a government take over of the health care system. The same government that can't seem to run anything. Medicare/Medicaid is going bankrupt. Social Security is going bankrupt. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are over run with corruption. Even that monstrosity of a "stimulus" bill that was passed back in January (or February, I forget, it has kind of all run together) is over run with mismanagement. Just ask Joe Biden. He actually said so. If they get this bill passed, they will have succeeded in taking away our choice in health insurance, choice of doctors, and even, our choices of care should we be unfortunate enough to be terminal.

The Administration that said they were going to be the most transparent in history, is anything but. Congress, in conjunction with the White House has promised that no bill will be voted on until 48 hours after it was introduced in its entirety to give every lawmaker a chance to read it. And then, it was supposed to be published for the public to read before it was voted on. They have definitely not lived up to that. They are rushing bills through at such an alarming rate that it is truly hard to keep up with everything they are doing.

Speaking of which, the White House has actually put out that they are taking information on people who dare to speak out against the Health Care Reform Bill. They say that there are people who are spreading lies about this bill. Well, after reading the bill, I can truly say that the only people who are spreading lies about it are the very people who want to shove it down our throats. So, if you read this, and you truly want to tell the White House that I am 100% totally against it, you can e-mail them at I guess, the actual terms they use is that if you get an e-mail or see something that is fishy, they want you to e-mail them.

So, to summarize, my take on this whole health care bill (that the king liberal has even admitted to not reading) is that it is nothing but another way for the Democrats to try and make us more dependent on government to take care of the very things that we should be taking care of ourselves. This will allow them to do what ever they want and tell us what we can and can not do. This is not Freedom. This is not what our forefathers intended when they founded this country. This is not what many, many men and women have died defending. They even want us to start telling them when people disagree with them. Even Hillary Clinton said, in 2003, that we have an right and obligation to question an administration when we don't agree with it.

In the immortal words of the Great President Ronald Reagan, "Freedom is never more than a generation away from being extinct." Now is our time to fight for what we believe in. Let your Representatives and Senators know what you think about this bill.