Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am an ignorant racist!!!

I have been reading a lot of articles lately that have attacked anyone who has the gumption to speak out against the health care reform bill that is in the House of Representatives as either ignorant or racist (or both). So, I guess that makes me both.

This is the typical type of attack that the liberals like to throw down. They vilify anyone who will speak out against their agenda. What ever happened to free speech? What ever happened to the fact that it is our responsibility to question this or any other administration as then Senator Hillary Clinton said in 2003. I guess that only applies to Democrats questioning and protesting a Republican Administration.

As far as ignorant.........I feel that anyone who will blindly follow what they hear and read without confirming things for themselves does so out of ignorance. Therefore, they are ignorant. The king liberal has done everything that he said he would do. Even since before he was a Senator. People just weren't listening. He speaks and people fawn over him. They don't actually listen to what he says. He contradicts himself, most of the time in the same speech. Shoot, we can't even call the House health care bill his idea. He admitted, early in his campaigning for it, that he hadn't even read it. If he hasn't read it, how can he speak intelligibly about it? I call that ignorant. One of the senior Democrats in the House of Representatives even admitted that there is no way he can read all of these bills. He said that it would take two days read it and two lawyers to explain it to him. If you don't have time to read and understand the bill and all of the ramifications, you shouldn't support it and then go out and try to sell it to the American people. I call that ignorant.

I have read the majority of this bill, and as far as I can tell, it is a piece of crap that is designed to expand government into controlling our health care. Designed to infringe on our right to choose our health insurance (or even to have health insurance at all), our right to choose our doctors, and even, with the consult of our doctor the type of care we get. It is designed to move us away from private insurance to a single payer system, the federal government. Just like the king liberal had said at least twice while he was running for the office he currently holds. See, we didn't see him say those things because the media never showed them to us. He said it twice while speaking to union groups. The very people that he helped take over two of the three automakers in the United States. He never said it in his big televised speeches, because he knew that if the "common folk" knew that that is how he felt, he would never get elected. This is no dumb man. The problem is, he thinks that We the People are a bunch of ignorant people who will believe anything he says. Well, the people are actually getting out there and letting him know that we don't believe him anymore.

I have one question. If this HR3200 is such a good bill for reforming the NUMBER ONE health care system in the world, then why do the Democrats have to be so hard on the campaign trail and attack anyone who dares to question it? If it were that good of a bill, they would not have to campaign for it. It would speak for itself.

So, since I am totally, 100% opposed to HR3200, then, I guess I am an ignorant racist. I will accept this totally unfounded label and wear it proudly (even though I have read the bill).