Monday, March 22, 2010

It was a sad day in Mudville........

The Mighty Casey has struck out.

I will ask your forgiveness before I start typing, because, I am so overwrought right now, that I don't know exactly what will come through my fingers.

Just as the story, it is a sad day in this country. This country that I have spent the greater part of my adult life defending has changed. The king liberal promised change. Well, last night, he got one of the big changes that he wanted. The House of Representatives, the people's representation in the federal government, voted last night (in case you haven't heard) and passed the Senate bill on what they call health care reform.

Obama promised to spread the wealth around. He gets his chance even more so now. This bill raises taxes on just about anyone who is successful and gives it to those who don't care to work for themselves. The Democrats are doing nothing more than punishing those who succeed and rewarding those who don't.

This is the United States of America. The only thing that has been promised since the founding of this country is that everyone will have the opportunity to succeed should they be willing to do the things that it takes to succeed. That is what has makes this country great!! The only thing that happened last night, is that our country has been weakened.

The vote last night looked at the Constitution and ripped it right in half!! Since when has the federal government been able to tell us that we need to buy something?

I watched as all of this unfolded. It made me truly sick to my stomach. I will admit to getting teary eyed when the House voted on Thursday to deny the block of the "Deem and Pass" rule. This signaled that there would be no way that the Republicans could block the passing of this bill. I am still teary eyed over the loss of the country that I so truly love.

There were two things that truly stuck out last night.
First: Nancy Pelosi must be a frequent visitor to one of those medical marijuana places that are out there in California. Last night she actually said that the "Stimulus" bill and the king liberal's budget together cut the deficit. If you call quadrupling the deficit and then writing a budget that lowered by 1/10 the deficit that you developed within the first 6 months of your administration lowering the deficit, then, I guess she was right. The deficit was lowered, slightly, only after running up the massive debt that this country is now under. The Heritage Foundation rates many economies as to there relative freedom. We are no longer the free-est economy in the North America. That title belongs to Canada. We are even in danger of dropping off of the list that would be called "economically free" economies. That's great change.

Second: Bart Stupak (D-MI), the supposedly pro-life Democrat who held out on the House's bill, passed in October but could not get past the Senate, until federal funding for abortion was removed from the bill, made a deal with the king liberal stating that there would be an executive order preventing federal funding for abortion. Well, that wording is not in the bill that was passed last night. And, guess what, the law is superior to an executive order. That means, that no matter what the king liberal says, once he signs this bill, tomorrow, then the federal government will be funding abortion. This man had the audacity to get up there in the House and put down the Republicans for offering an amendment to the bill, that, by the way, would have killed it, that would prevent the federal funding of abortion. He said that it was just a trick by the Republicans to try and defeat this necessary bill. They were standing up for the very thing that he prided himself for standing for and caved in. And he criticized them!!

These two things were by far the most hypocritical things that I saw as all of this unfolded.

This country is no longer the country that I love. No longer the country that I have defended. All I can right now, is to apologize to my children for not being able to pass down the country that I love. I vowed to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I have a feeling of failure in this. I could not defend it against the domestic enemies that continue to ravage it. I apologize to every American who holds the Constitution dear to there hearts, as I do.

Please don't take this as meaning that I have given up. There are many more things that are going to happen as a result of all of this. I will continue to look for ways that I can be involved in fighting for the Constitution. I can not stand idly by and watch the destroying of this country. And, you shouldn't either. Stand up and let the people in Washington know that we do NOT approve of the government taking over and telling US what to do.


Krys72599 said...

If GA is as crooked as NJ, put my name on the ballot - I'll vote for you!!!
I was literally sick to my stomach last night, and today, Fred, I sent you a copy of an email I got from a friend... It describes in great detail what just happened.
Sick, to my stomach. Yesterday I would have said, "That's okay, I have insurance."

Busy Texas Dee said...

Go for it. You know we will support you. So will mom and dad.