Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's talk immigration

Friday, the Governor of Arizona (my home state), signed a law that would allow police officers in the State of Arizona to require people to provide proof that they are in this country legally if there is reasonable doubt that they are. This has sparked protests among angry hispanics.

Well, I am hispanic. And, I am angry.

But, I am not angry at the State of Arizona for passing this law. As a matter of fact, I applaud them for having the guts to pass it. You see, first and foremost, I am an AMERICAN!!! My dad's family happens to be Mexican. So, I can relate to this issue. However, to say that this law violates the civil rights of people who are in this country illegally is just insane. It's the same as saying that the "Christmas Bomber" has the right to a lawyer. Or that we need to read the Miranda Rights to enemy combatants that are caught on the battlefield in Afghanistan. The Miranda Rights are part of our rights as AMERICAN citizens. They do not extend to people who come over here from other countries and try to blow up our citizens. They certainly do not extend to those who are here illegally. If they want to be afforded the same rights as a citizen of the United States of America, then, by all means, they need to abide by the laws of this country, the first of which, is to come into this country using the proper channels.

Our beloved king liberal has called the law misguided. But, what I see as misguided is the audacity to continually kick the American people in the face by attacking the Constitution. The very document that should be guiding everything that is done in this country. What I see as misguided is to treat with kid gloves the very people who attacked us on our own soil, and then have the ***** to say that they deserve to have a civilian trial in the very city that they attacked. To say that we have not treated these people in accordance with the Geneva Convention when the Geneva Convention is very forthright in saying that it is for people who follow the "Rules of War". That means that they wear a uniform, represent a country and do NOT attack civilians. All three of which the terrorists that this administration wants to put on trial in New York have violated. If the king liberal wants to talk about misguided, he should look in the mirror. But, then again, he is guided by a whole different set of principles than those that this country was founded on.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for immigration into this country. It is one of the things that has made this the greatest country in the world. The diversity that we have do to the different backgrounds that our citizens bring to the table is unmatched both in the present time and anytime in history. It is one of the things that makes this country unique and why it has been able to rise up to the status that it has in such a short amount of time. However, the immigration that I support, is the immigration of people who use the proper channels and push their way through to come here and make a better life for themselves and their families, NOT the kind that involves sneaking across an unprotected border like a common thief!! While I think it is great that so many people want to be here to earn a decent living, do it the proper way or else don't whine about it when we enforce the laws that are put in place to protect OUR CITIZENS!!

There is going to be a lot of debate over this issue during the coming months. People are going to say that we need to fix the current system. I agree. However, the quickest way to fix it is to enforce the laws that are in place now. Build the fence that was authorized a few years ago and then halted because the funding wasn't approved. Kick the people who are here illegally out of this country and tell them that they are welcome to come back, as long as they do it properly. You see, we don't really need to fix the illegal immigration problem, we just need to enforce what is already in place instead of passing a few laws, just to appease the constituents (us) and then letting them fall by the wayside.

By the way, in case you missed it, I am angry at the people who are here illegally and are whining about their rights under US laws. As far as I am concerned, they don't have any. They do have the right to be treated humanely, but, it stops there. They need to go back to their own countries, and, if they want to come here, then do it properly and be documented.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Embarassing

I saw this after I had completed my earlier post. I am impressed with Admiral Willard who actually kept a straight face.

See, this is why I could never be a politician. I would be in a debate against someone who would say something this stupid, to which, I would just have to say either, "Are you stupid?" or "How stupid are you?".

Some Random Thoughts

Well, this country has officially changed. It is no longer the country that I served for 20 years. The Democrats in Washington have made sure of that. They have let everyone know, in no uncertain terms, that the Constitution, the very document that is the framework for this Republic that we call home, doesn't matter anymore. At least not to them.

I have had a few days to mull over everything that has gone on up there. Now, I do not want to lay all of the blame on the Democrats. That is just the latest, albeit the largest, straw that broke the camel's back. Keep an eye on the things that they are going to try and do over the next few months, once Congress gets back from their break. From my reading, I believe that there are two more items that they will try and cram down our throats. Cap-and-Trade and Immigration Reform.

Reform, as a noun, means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory. This is exactly what is happening in our country. The king liberal truly believes that this country has wronged others around the world. He believes that we are arrogant and wants to reform this country into something that it was not intended to be. He has gone around the world apologizing for the United States. He bows to leaders of other countries. He is demanding that we bow down to him and let him give away the very basic thing that we have in this country, our freedom. The freedom to choose how we live. This is what I have spent 20 years defending. The freedom of the people to live life the way they see fit. Not to have government make us change our lifestyle just because we don't eat properly, or drive the right car. This is where we are headed. The Democrats are going out and telling people that this is not what Health Care Reform does. Well, guess what? Nancy Pelosi already admitted that if the insurance companies raise their premiums, then they will not allow them to be part of the exchanges. Just about everything that they are telling you now is a lie. It is like she said before, "we have to pass it to find out what is in it." Now, what kind of sense does that make? Shouldn't we, the American people, be reasonably assured that our elected representatives have read the bills that they are voting on and know what is in them before they pass them?

As far as Cap-and-Trade, what kind of sense does it make to pass something that the king liberal himself admitted, "would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket." This does not sound like something that is good for the average American who is getting by by the skin of their teeth just to make sure all the bills are paid. These are the very people that he says he is trying to help. I have seen enough to know that he doesn't give a hoot about the average American. All he cares about is how much money he can take from people who show a little bit of success so that he can give it to people who are just looking for the next handout from the government. If the utility companies have to pay these Cap-and-Trade taxes guess who is actually going to pay them. The very same people who pay every corporation's taxes, THE CONSUMER!! It's simple economics. If a company has to pay more in taxes, then the cost of producing their product has gone up, so the price will have to go up accordingly. Far too many people are not seeing this simple logic, and the Democrats prey on that. They vilinize every company who is prosperous. They make them out to be the bad guys, when it is the Federal Government who is causing the prices of everything to skyrocket. Check out the FairTax link to the right to find out more.

Now, as far as Immigration Reform goes, I feel very strongly that everyone who has allowed Lindsey Graham to be the Republican candidate for Senate in South Carolina, should be ashamed of themselves. This man is not a conservative (at least not on this subject). He is co-sponsoring a bill, with a Democrat, that would put over 12million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on a path to citizenship. EXCUSE ME??? I think that the first idea of becoming a citizen of any country is that you should respect the laws of that country. These people have no respect for our laws. They have proven that by being here illegally to begin with. I do feel that reform is needed in this area, however, and I have a brilliant idea.......WHY DON'T WE ENFORCE THE LAWS THAT ARE ALREADY IN PLACE? We have plenty of laws in place already. We don't need anymore. Let's build that fence that Congress approved a few years ago. That would certainly help to at least curb the illegal migration across our southern border. Next, we need to enable our I.N.S. agents to actually do the jobs that they are hired to do. When we find illegal immigrants, they need to be deported. Just because they have had a kid in our country does not give them the right to be here. If they truly want to become a part of the American society then they can go through the proper legal channels and come here properly. This country was founded on the idea of immigration. I fully support immigration and the desire for people from other countries to come here to try their hand at making a better life for themselves, as long as they respect our laws and do it properly. I have visited other countries. They expect us to respect their laws. Why should it be any different here?

Keep an eye out for these issues over the next several months. The Democrats think they have the momentum now. They will try and ride it through at least one other tough issue. Stay informed and remember to vote in November, while we can still tell Washington how we feel at the ballot box.